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You’ve seen the reveal trailer, you’ve been briefed on the publishers and developers supporting the console, and you’ve been given a glimpse of games coming to the new system. Now, have a condensed look at what you can expect – so far – when Nintendo Switch hits retail.

Nintendo NX is now known as Nintendo Switch, and it was given the name due to being able to “switch” from being a home console to a a portable game system.

When at home, Switch sits in a dock which connects it to the user’s television. When pulled out of the dock, the system automatically switches to portable mode, allow the user to continue playing the game on-the-go.

While it may look like a typical tablet, it’s an actual handheld console at this point, and the detatchable Joy-Con controllers slide on to it, making it look similar to the Wii U gamepad. What’s more, the Joy-Con controllers can be used as separate controllers by two users.
You saw this demonstrated in the reveal trailer with the two guys in the back of a van. These controllers can also be used for local multiplayer.

Arekkz goes over more in the video above, and talks about which games popped up in the video, so give it a watch if you aren’t one to read massive walls of text.

Switch is slated for release in March 2017.


Nintendo will unveil its new hardware tomorrow.

NX will be revealed tomorrow, Nintendo of America has announced.

The new Nintendo console, which was codenamed NX and may well turn out to be formally called that, will be unveiled with a preview trailer at 7:00am PT October 20. Here’s that time in various major regions:

  • West Coast US – 7:00am
  • East Coast US – 10:00am
  • UK – 3:00pm
  • Europe – 4:00pm
  • Australia (Sydney) – 1:00am Friday

“Preview trailer” doesn’t sound very substantial but in a Japanese tweet Nintendo said the NX video will be three minutes long.

As such, we can probably expect to get a rundown of the NX’s main differentiators at the very least. We’re expecting Nintendo to do something pretty different with its hardware – there have been loads of hints that we’re looking at a portable and home console hybrid, for example – and it will want to message that clearly after the Wii U’s difficult debut.

We’ve been waiting for this reveal for quite some time; the NX was first confirmed in March 2015, two years before the NX’s March 2017 release window, which isn’t too far away now.

Hey, the NX reveal is one hour before the Red Dead Redemption trailer debuts. Maybe there’s another platform Rockstar forgot to mention…?

Nahh, probably not. Still, gonna be a busy day.


Titanfall 2 and Nvidia, a marriage made in graphics-geek heaven, apparently.

Titanfall 2 is going to be spectacular on PC if Nvidia has anything to say about it, and since the manufacturer has the power to hand out custom drivers for its widely-used cards, it does.

This new 4K, 60fps video shows off Titanfall 2’s single-player campaign running on a Titan X, and follows on from a similar look at Titanfall 2’s multiplayer.

Titanfall 2 launches next week on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Is this footage enough to make you consider grabbing the PC build? Have you got a Titan X? Can you get one in the next eight days? I could, but I’d also probably go to jail for mugging so I wouldn’t get to enjoy it.

Yeah, no, I think I’ll stick to the PS4 version of Titanfall 2. After all, it’s the first time the franchise is gracing the PlayStation Nation. What could go wrong?


In the Infinite Warfare beta, the options menus has revealed a new feature that was not previously a selectable option in Call of Duty titles.

The game features the ability for players to chose whether they want sprinting to cancel their reload or not. The option is Disabled by default, but players can pick if they want to have it enabled.

The post Infinite Warfare MP features option to enable/disable ‘Sprint Cancels Reload’ appeared first on Charlie INTEL.

Infinity Ward has announced that the Infinite Warfare Beta Weekend 2 will be open to all PlayStation 4 players; no code or preorder is needed to play.

The Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Beta Weekend 2 will be available starting Friday, October 21 at 10AM PT and end on Monday, October 24 at 10AM PT.

Activision blog has announced that for PS4 players, the Infinite Warfare beta pre-downloads will start today at 11AM PT for everyone interested in playing this weekend.

“Thank you to the awesome Call of Duty community and your response to the Beta. We’ve been watching players experiment with different Rigs, all unique to their playstyles, and dig into our new weapon crafting system. We’ve also introduced a new matchmaking system to provide the highest quality matches possible, which the Beta has helped us optimize for launch,” said Joe Cecot, Lead Multiplayer Designer at Infinity Ward.

“The feedback and player data is exactly what we need in order to make our day one experience on November 4 the best it can be in the final game. So much so that we’d like to open the beta up even further starting this Friday for all PS4 players. We are constantly fine tuning and balancing the MP experience to meet player expectations and our design goals, so huge thanks from all of us at the studio.”

Weekend 2 of the beta will be available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. For PS4, the beta is open and no code is needed. For Xbox One, preorder is required to play the beta.

Stay tuned for more info.

SOURCE: Activision

The post Infinite Warfare Beta Weekend 2 will be open to all PS4 players, no code needed appeared first on Charlie INTEL.

Hold on to your ass, partner.


Rockstar Games has begun to tease what is surely a new Red Dead game.

Check out this message from the company’s official Twitter account:

What else could it be? The message has been retweeted over 40,000 times in just three hours. To say excitement levels are rising is an understatement.

Fans are currently arguing over whether we should call it Red Dead 3 or Red Dead Redemption 2 and getting quite agitated about it in a way only people on the internet can.

Rumours about a follow up to Red Dead Redemption are never far away, but this year there have been multiple reports that something would happen by the end of 2016.

The biggest rumour was that Rockstar was due to reveal Red Dead 3 at E3 but pulled the announcement at the last minute.

There hasn’t been any official comment from Rockstar on the state of any sequel to Red Dead Redemption at all, but earlier this year the game appeared on Xbox One as a backwards compatible title and last week the original game, Red Dead Revolver, popped up on the PlayStation Store.

Expect more from Rockstar over the coming weeks.
update: We’re going back to the West.


Yesterday Rockstar Games shocked the world by suddenly releasing a teaser that looked decidedly Red Dead Redemption – their logo set against a dirtied red background. The internet went into meltdown. Inside 24 hours it saw 100,000 retweets.

Things were quieting down… but now they’ve released another image. The internet shits a brick again. Here it is:

Fans are currently in meltdown, obviously, and we’re pretty bloody excited too. That’s why we’re already talking about what we want from the game.

One thing that’s notable about this little teaser is that there are 7 characters. Rockstar Games do love their film nods – Scarface to Vice City, Heat to GTA’s bank heist missions – are we about to get a Red Dead take on The Magnificent Seven?

The teaser isn’t familiar to the original game, so this at least confirms we’re on: This is a new game, not just some remaster. Bring it.

The biggest rumour in recent months has been that Rockstar was due to reveal Red Dead 3 at E3 but pulled the announcement at the last minute. Red Dead Redemption was recently made backwards compatible on Xbox One and the original game Red Dead Revolver has recently launched on the PlayStation Store.

More as we get it.

another update:
Rockstar has officially announced Red Dead Redemption 2.


Rockstar has just dropped the one thing everyone was expecting: the name of the next Red Dead Redemption game. It’s simply called Red Dead Redemption 2, and it’s due for release fall 2017. Here’s the announcement poster:


The press release only mentions PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and confirms that it’s going to include a “multiplayer world,” presumably a GTA Online-like experience.

And yes, as rumoured this morning, the reveal trailer is coming Thursday at 11am EST, which translates to 8am PT, 4pm BST, 5pm CEST.

In the close-up shot of the cowboys you can see above, they all appear to be men. The one on the far right looks to be a Native American.

This comes after the developer released two images earlier this week. The first was just the company’s logo, a fading logo to be exact, on a red background. Shortly after, teases became more elaborate as Rockstar released a stylised image showing a sunset, with silhouettes for seven cowboys in the distance, which officially kick-started the hype train for a Red Dead Redemption sequel.

Now that we now it’s coming, not mentioning a PC version will certainly be disappointing to many fans. Rockstar games are always very popular on Steam, but this isn’t the first a Rockstar game will be released on consoles first, before following later on PC – sometimes over a year later.



VMoserP is one of the first people to get the Tactical Nuke, the 25 Streak, in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare beta.

In order to get the tactical nuke streak, which is called the De-Atomizer Strike in Infinite Warfare, players must use variants of certain weapons that have the ‘Nuclear’ perk with it. We detailed the weapons with that in our post here.

VMoserP was kind enough to share his gameplay with his of the nuke streak, which you can watch fully below. Be sure to follow him on Twitter!

The post First gameplay footage of Nuke streak (De-Atomizer Strike) in Infinite Warfare appeared first on Charlie INTEL.


PlayStation VR is now out in the wild and seems to be doing well (at least from all the chatter I’ve seen on my Twitter feed). Sony’s latest peripheral is meant to play virtual reality games that run on the PlayStation 4. However, it has been discovered that the VR headset can actually be used on the Xbox One and even the Wii U.

Over on the PlayStation VR’s subreddit, some Xbox One users are reporting that they were able to use PSVR on their console by simply plugging the HDMI cable that goes into the PS4 to their Xbox One. This is something that Polygon confirmed when they tried this trick for themselves. When turning on the headset, users will see the Xbox One menu in front of them. There is no head tracking and no full immersion. Users will see the menu as a giant static screen akin to cinematic mode.

There is also one report of a person using PSVR on a Wii U using the same method, though this claim has yet to be verified. Polygon also reports that this trick doesn’t work on PCs because systems do not recognize the PSVR hardware when it is plugged in. As far as audio is concerned, plugging headphones into the Xbox One controller will give you sound, though it won’t be the 360-degree sound of actual VR games.

This is certainly a neat thing to try out but it isn’t the most optimal way to play Xbox One titles. Games will look fine on the PSVR, but they won’t look as good as they do on a regular television. You obviously get the most out of a PSVR headset by plugging it into a PlayStation 4 and playing PSVR games, but it is fun to know that this Sony peripheral can be used on Microsoft’s Xbox One.