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Call of Duty: Black Ops III Update Notes for PlayStation 4 – 3/5/2018


  • General performance updates.

Infected (New Game Mode)

  • At the start of a match, one player is randomly chosen as the first infected whose goal is to infect the other players. Once downed, players respawn as infected, slowly increasing the size of the horde. Infect all players, or survive until time runs out to win.
Redwood Snow (New Map)

  • Enter the snowcapped landscape of Redwood Snow to experience something colder from the map you know and love.

By Stephany Nunneley, Tuesday, 8 August 2017 18:10 GMT

If you skipped the Destiny 2 beta, it means you missed out on playing competitive multiplayer. Luckily, a new trailer released today shows off what was available.

The Crucible is the competitive multiplayer competent in Destiny 2 and that is what you’re seeing through various action clips in the video.

Unlike Destiny 1, PvP consists of 4v4 teams instead of 6v6 and during the console beta, participants were able to try out four maps on Earth, Mercury, and Nessus.

The maps in the beta were Earth’s Midtown and Vostok on Felwinter Peak, Altar of Flame on Mercury, and Endless Vale on Nessus.

Instead of playing Control on Endless Vale in the Destiny 2 PC beta, players will instead try the mode out on the Javelin-4 map which is making its debut. It’s location is unknown as of press time.

Destiny 2 will release on September 6 for PS4 and Xbox One, and those wanting a look at the PC version before its October 24 release can participate in the upcoming beta.

Pre-order customers can dive into the Destiny 2 PC beta on August 28. It opens up for everyone else on August 29 and everyone has until August 31 to play it. Unless, of course, Bungie extends the testing period, which seems a safe beat going by its beta history.

Recommended PC specs for the beta are through here is you wanna have a look.

Speaking of betas, Activision said last week the Destiny 2 tester had more total players than the 2014 Destiny beta which brought in 4.6 million players.

Once the PC beta concludes, Bungie will likely announce some interesting figures.

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By Sherif Saed, Wednesday, 2 August 2017 10:37 GMT

The upcoming Battlefield 1 DLC In the Name of the Tsar is set to be one of the game’s biggest, both in terms of scale and the quantity of weapons and vehicles it’ll add.

All of the previously revealed weapons are currently available on the game’s CTE. Of particular note are the new Medic weapons, the Fedorov Avtomat and General Liu Rifle.

In his video below, Westie starts off by showing the Fedorov Avtomat, the closest thing we have to an assault rifle for Medics in Battlefield 1. Until now, the class was mainly where you’d find DMRs.

The Fedorov Avtomat is fully automatic, and comes in two variants: the Trench and the Optical. It has a fire rate of 450RPM and a 25-round magazine. Like a proper AR, the Avtomat has a nice vertical kick that demands you tap fire it for accuracy at longer ranges. As a result, it’s mostly effective at close to medium ranges, which may disappoint some people.

The General Liu Rifle is more inline with that the Medics currently have. This single-shot DMR comes in a Factory variant, and a Storm variant. Both variants do not come with any optics, though. Unlike the Fedorov, this one is clip-fed.

In the Name of the Tsar does not currently have a release date, but something tells us it’s going to be out this month.

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By Brenna Hillier, Monday, 31 July 2017 05:42 GMT

Grand Theft Space is a thing that clearly had to happen.

There just aren’t enough games about jacking spaceships; all the sandboxes and sims currently out there are too law abiding; we want more to do than hauling minerals back and forth. Something like GTA 5, but … in space.

Enter Grand Theft Space. The product of a team of modders led by sollaholla, the mod promises to go the whole hog on taking GTA 5 to space, since somehow nobody’s managed to do that yet. Here’s the official synopsis:

The Earth has been alone in this galaxy since the very moment it was formed, but far far away in another galaxy, there was intelligent life peering at the people of earth for a millennium. This life was not the friendly life we would like to believe. The NASA research team have found remnants of alien spaceship parts scattered around the state of San Andreas. We never thought that these intelligent life-forms would ever reach our planet; but they’re coming and they’re not on our side. It’s your mission to take out these alien scum before they reach earth.

Also, it’s going to include shuttle and lunar vehicles. Intrigued? Check out the first trailer for the Grand Theft Space mod:

You can learn more about the Grand Theft Space mod on the GTA 5 Mods forums if you want to follow along.

We might now be asking ourselves why Rockstar has never taken its blockbuster franchise into science fiction territory if not for the whole Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare disaster last year. Apparently the juggernaut masses aren’t too hot on space – but then again, nobody’s ever done it the way Rockstar might.

Sometimes we include links to online retail stores. If you click on one and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. For more information, go here.

contest time ladies....

Post in this thread and and on nov 2nd watch my twitch live stream and I'll stream a random number generator to pick the specific post in this thread and that author will receive a standard edition copy of CoD:WWII either hardcopy or digital download on system of their choice.

1. You must have a post count of 50 or more.
2. no spamming.
3. you must wait till someone posts after you before replying.
if wanting a hardcopy...winner will have to send me a pm with their address...and I'll hand deliver it...:hey:...jay kay...maybe.

update 11-02-17
sorry guys, I couldn't do this live as I wanted. Been very busy. Also catching the flu so why I also sound nasally.

So, with all further ado...the winner of a standard edition copy either digital or hard-copy of Call of Duty:WWII is:

Limited-edition 5-in-1 Gamer's Box 2.0 (via KFC)

Go ahead, play with your food.

KFC this week unveiled Gamer’s Box 2.0: “A convenient, no-mess meal box with built-in gaming controls.”

The limited-edition twist on KFC’s popular chicken chest comes with a can of Mountain Dew (from partner PepsiCo), a smartphone mount, and two halves of a game pad.

The Gamer’s Box 2.0 “brings the best of both worlds—gaming and finger lickin’ good chicken—to consumers,” KFC India Chief Marketing Officer Lluis Ruiz Ribot said in a statement.

“It gives gaming enthusiasts a chance to not just indulge in their favorite KFC 5-in-1 meal box,” he continued. “But also enjoy uninterrupted gaming, without worrying about messy food or grimy screens.”

For a chance to snag the limited-edition Gamer’s Box 2.0 (it’s unclear whether there was ever a Gamer’s Box 1.0), visit KFC India or Mountain Dew on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Then tag a gaming-obsessed friend who deserves to win (or who you know will gift the box back to you). Ten players will have a chance to win the … unique product.

Everyone else can pick up the KFC Mountain Dew Gamer’s Meal Box at participating KFC India restaurants or order one online.

Details on pricing and possible availability outside the country are not yet available.

“Gaming in India is gaining exponential popularity across platforms,” Naseeb Puri, associate director of Mountain Dew, PepsiCo India, said. This partnership, she added, “is a reiteration of our commitment to gaming and e-sports” across the Asian nation.

KFC took an odd turn into gadgetry a few years ago, introducing the Tray Typer, a paper-thin Bluetooth keyboard handed out with food trays. The company followed up with its Watt-a-Box smartphone charging station. Earlier this month, KFC China marked its anniversary with a branded smartphone.

Continue reading...

Michael Condrey has answered a few questions on Twitter about the customization options that will be available in Call of Duty: WWII Multiplayer. During the WWII Zombies reveal, Activision announced a new pre-order bonus for the title: an animated Nazi Zombies weapon camo.

Many fans started wondering if animated camos will make their way into MP, but Condrey has stated that, as of now, they have not found any animated camos that will properly fit into the WWII era. All camos, he further, revealed are expected to be ‘thematically appropriate.’

He also reiterated in his tweet that all loot in Supply Drops is expected to be cosmetic only.

The post Condrey says camos in WWII MP will be ‘thematically appropriate’, no animated ones appeared first on Charlie INTEL.


Sony has graced us with another video for Uncharted: The Lost Legacy.
The new video for Uncharted: The Lost Legacy features gameplay from the Western Ghats mountain range which runs parallel to the western coast of the Indian peninsula.

Chloe Frazer is shown at the beginning of the video standing in tower. She opens three different doors, each when opened, overlook three points in the region featuring ruined fortresses of the Hoysala Empire.

After marking each location on the map, which can be pulled up easily using the controller, she descends and hops into a jeep where her partner Nadine Ross is waiting.

The duo drive over rough terrain making chitchat to one of the points on the map, all the while hoping to avoid the game’s antagonist: the warmonger Asav.

In true Uncharted fashion, Chloe and Nadine find enemies patrolling the area. Here’s where the gameplay really kicks into gear as Chloe performs a stealth takedown, fire off a shot or two, does a bit of rolling, climbing and uses a grappling hook to perform aerial attacks.

You’ll also see a a bit of lock picking of supply crates which can include everything from a grenade launcher to other helpful gear.

While Nadine will help Chloe out in the game, she will not be a playable character as the story centers around Chloe.

The video is close to 14 minutes long, and is the newest footage seen since E3 2017, so you’ll want to give it a watch for yourself.

You’ll be able to help Chloe and Nadine search for an ancient Indian artifact in Uncharted: The Lost Legacy soon, as it releases next month August 22.

The PlayStation 4 title was announced at PSX 2016 as a standalone, single-player title which could take 10 hours or longer to play.

Set 12 months after the events of Uncharted 4, it started started life as DLC for the title, but turned into a standalone experience during development. It will also feature the largest level in franchise history.


Bungie has given us our first look at how exploration is going to work in Destiny 2, and this new video uses Nessus to show off the new systems.

The video, via IGN, starts off with a team landing on Nessus and getting into a Public Event. This lets us see how these events have changed in Destiny 2.

Bungie says a lot of what was learned from Court of Oryx and other PvE-focused, repeatable events has been used here to make Public Events more exciting. For instance, there’s an optional bonus objective that, when triggered, unlocks a higher difficulty for this public event.

Bungie also detailed Adventures, the new side mission type. Adventures are an evolved version of quests from The Taken King, delivering a fully-voiced story that gives context to the events that take place on the planet you found them on.

A bigger version of Adventures is World Quests, which are similar in that they offer a story about the planets where you find them, but will take you on a much bigger trip across the planet. Interestingly, these only become available after you finish the main campaign.

Another activity type completely new to Destiny 2 is Lost Sectors. Their general locations are marked by white graffiti on the wall, but you’ll have to find the entrance yourself. Inside, you’ll come across a few enemies and a boss. Defeating them unlocks a chest.

The biggest revelation in the video by far is the new surface map showing multiple landing points, something we couldn’t do in the first game. Not all landing zones will be unlocked from the start, though.

Instead, they’ll show up on the map when you come across them through Adventures, story missions and so on. Bungie said it wanted exploration to drive how you find out about them.

Finally, Flashpoints are the equivalent of weekly Nightfalls, only they take place in the open world. Every week, a new Flashpoint will pop up asking you to complete Public Events on a specific planet and earn rewards. Doing so also lets you fight secret bosses you won’t see in any other activity.

On the same week that, say, a Nessus Falshpoint is active, Cayde-6 will also sell treasure maps for the chosen destination that week.

Nessus is one of four new destination available in Destiny 2 at launch. The game releases September 6 on PS4, and Xbox One, and October 24 on PC.



In a new interview with Guardian, Sledgehammer Games has revealed another new feature that part of the Headquarters social space in Call of Duty: WWII.

The feature is a Scoretreak Training Area, where players in Headquarters can actually test out all of the different scorestreaks available in game against AI bots.

“It was such a small idea, but it made sense. New players have a whole bunch of content that they never get to experience; there are these high-end scorestreaks that almost no one earns, or you finally do get one, but then don’t know what to do with it and don’t use it wisely – that’s frustrating.”

SOURCE: The Guardian

The post Headquarters in Call of Duty: WWII features a Scorestreak Training Area to test out different scorestreaks appeared first on Charlie INTEL.

All SNES Classic Mini games rated from worst to best

Nintendo dropped the A-bomb yesterday: The SNES Classic Mini arrives in September, crammed with 21 certified bangerz. Holy guacamole.

Pre-orders went live on places like Amazon and GAME, sites were battered with hits, social media flooded with anxiety; the fear of missing out coupled with the nervous joy of slapping cash down on a console that can never meet demand. Will you get one? For two hours yesterday productivity across the globe tanked, children went unfed, dates were stood-up in bars, time stopped.

So yes, as we sit toasting in the fallout, the SNES Classic Mini is an absolute beauty (if you’re in Europe) and comes with two little controllers that we’re understandably coveting. But what of the 21 included games? You’re in luck. We’ve managed to use our collective and unrivaled knowledge of video games that your dad used to play to put those classic games in some sort of credible order, from worst to best. Apart from Star Fox 2, because that hasn’t been released before.

So brace yourself. There’s no rose-tinted specs here. We’re going in.

Kirby’s Dream Course

No one is buying the SNES Classic Mini for Kirby’s Dream Course. No one is buying the SNES Classic Mini for an isometric golf game starring a little pink spud. We’re pretty sure Kirby’s just here to increase the game count on this retro console up to 21 because it’s a more psychologically attractive figure to put on the box. Sorry, Kirbs.

Price on ebay:$51.99
Not as good as:Will Harvey’s Zany Golf (Sega Megadrive, 1990)

Super Punch-Out!!

The perspective on Super Punch Out is uglier than its use of two exclamation marks in the title. Your boxer obscures your opponent, fading in and out as you land blows. It’s like you’re dancing with a ghost. It’s a fun game, but this is here to kill a few minutes, not the gripping hours you’ll lose to other games on this list.

Price on ebay:$31.57
Not as good as:George Foreman’s K.O. Boxing (Sega Megadrive, 1992)

Donkey Kong Country

Rare is over-rated. There, I said it. I mean Donkey Kong Country looks neat, for sure. But Diddy Kong? C’mon, that little prick is the video game Godzooky. Or Scrappy-Doo. What I’m saying is, if Miyamoto thought this game sucked, I’ll trust his judgement.

Price on ebay:$27.59
Not as good as:Bubsy in Claws Encounters of the Furred Kind (Sega Megadrive, 1993)

Kirby Super Star

Now we’re warming up. The pink spud is back, doing what he does best; floating around like a lingering fart, huffing blocks and puking them out. A collection of hit-and-miss mini games, Gourmet Race is standout here – running and scoffing cakes at the same time is surely an American national sport, like competitive hotdog eating.

Price on ebay:$116.99
Not as good as:Rolo to the Rescue (Sega Megadrive, 1992)

Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars

A little bit isometric Mario and a little bit of Final Fantasy. Super Mario RPG is odd but fun. Who knew turn-based battles could work with the little Italian plumber and friends? If you want to be really hipster, this is the game you’ll say you prefer when your mates start the conversation “actually, Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is a good game…”

Price on ebay:$159.99
Not as good as:Wonder Boy in Monster World (Sega Megadrive, 1991)

Contra 3: The Alien Wars

I used to read a lot of American comics in the 90s and they were full of Contra adverts that looked rad as balls. Unfortunately I didn’t read any video game magazines – why would you? – so didn’t realise Contra was stupidly renamed Super Probotector in Europe. As a result I completely missed this. What the fuck is a Probotector?

Score: 9/10
Price on ebay: $42.49
Not as good as: Alien 3 (Sega Megadrive, 1992)

Mega Man X

If you can get over the fact that Mega Man’s head is the same size as his torso I have no doubt you will enjoy Mega Man X. It’s considered one of the best “carts” by SNES “fans” and magazines like Game “Pro”. It’s too easy, too short and is not all that.

Price on ebay:$471.33
Not as good as:Strider (Sega Megadrive, 1990)

Secret of Mana

Secret of Mana is one of the best role-playing games of all time – a fact that is impossible to argue with. It looks amazing, sounds incredible and the original supported three-way co-op, just like yo’ moms.

Price on ebay:$112.09
Not as good as:Dungeons & Dragons: Warriors of the Eternal Sun (Sega Megadrive, 1992)


Holy shit, Mode-7 scrolling was the shit back in 1990. It was the second coming, and if you wanted to sound like you had your finger on the tech pulse you dropped it into game conversations like parallax scrolling five years earlier. Because in F-ZERO, your hovercar looked like it was blazing into the screen, and then you hit the Super Jet and weeeeeeeeeeee.

Price on ebay:$29.99
Not as good as:Road Rash (Sega Megadrive, 1991)

Yoshi’s Island

Yoshi rules and this is the game that put him on the map. Little hand-drawn dino-dude shits eggs and flutters about the place, carrying baby Mario to freedom. Because he understood that even in 1995 being a full-time parent is a revolutionary act in the face of the corrupt and unfair wage labour economy.

Price on ebay:$69.99
Not as good as:The New Zealand Story (Sega Megadrive, 1990)


Nintendo threw everything at this oddity; a westernised, real-world, simple RPG with cartoon graphics and satirical aspirations. Everyone says they love it now and praise it for being a classic, but on release and after five years of development it hit the shelves with all the grace of a Hall of Meat inductee.

Price on ebay:$879.99
Not as good as:Buck Rogers: Countdown to Doomsday (Sega Megadrive, 1990)

Super Ghouls ’n Ghosts

Super Ghouls ‘n Ghosts is still better than any of those tedious Dark Souls games. Don’t @ me.

Price on ebay:$124.99
Not as good as:Ghouls ‘n Ghosts (Sega Megadrive, 1990)

Super Castlevania IV

Simon and his whip are the stars of Super Castlevania IV, a side scroller packed tight with action. This is the kind of game I would play in the 90s rather than go to college, eventually hampering my education, long-term career and social life. It’s the reason I live in a shed in Wales, writing about video games. The pay’s good but I haven’t seen anyone in weeks and something smells around here.

Price on ebay:$289.99
Not as good as:X-Men 2: Clone Wars (Sega Megadrive, 1995)

Star Fox

This was released as StarWing for us European idiots, which didn’t even make sense because foxes don’t have feathers. Anyway, it was a great on-rails shooter with a cool perspective and looked proper “next-gen” before that was even a thing. The kind of game you were jealous of if you had a Megadrive.

Price on ebay:$4.99
Not as good as:Thunder Force 4 (Sega Megadrive, 1992)

Super Mario Kart

It’s no Crash Team Racing, but Super Mario Kart Is Quite Good And Popular Isn’t It? Probably named one of the best games of all time by people who read Edge magazine. All seven of them.

Price on ebay:$69.00
Not as good as:Street Racer (Sega Megadrive, 1995)

Street Fighter II Turbo: Hyper Fighting

If Donaldson had written this list he would have put this at number one and who would we be to argue? He’s right in that this is perhaps the best fighting game in all history. It spawned a million imitators, most of which are thankfully six feet under. Play the OG, it’s still got it.

Price on ebay:$35
Not as good as:Eternal Champions (Sega Megadrive, 1993)

Final Fantasy 3

Apparently this should be correctly numbered as Final Fantasy 6 or something but life’s too short to read wikipedia as to why. I imagine some bore will tell you on a forum somewhere. To be honest I glaze over when someone mentions anything to do with Final Fantasy. It’s a classic apparently. You begin the game as an Onion Knight – imagine the indignity of putting that on your CV, though. That’s a career choice from which you can never turn back.

Price on ebay:$135.00
Not as good as:Shining Force 2 (Sega Megadrive, 1992)

Super Metroid

More evidence that early 90s Nintendo banged out absolute smashers while other companies looked on weeping at their lame mascots. Samus moonwalks, curls up into a bomb-laying ball, fires in all directions, wall jumps, has x-ray vision and grapples the shit out of planet Zebes. Pure gold.

Price on ebay:$229.29
Not as good as:Gunstar Heroes (Sega Megadrive, 1993)

Super Mario World

When I first got a SNES it came bundled with Super Mario All-Stars + Super Mario World and I didn’t buy any other games for about six months. The year was 1994, I was listening to Mass Appeal and Spoonman, wearing Phat Farm jeans and Starter caps. I felt on top of the world. I was a year away from meeting my wife and maybe this contented outlook on life helped me become the person she was attracted to. Oh yeah, baby.

Score: 10/10
Price on ebay:$33.11
Not as good as: Sonic the Hedgehog (Sega Megadrive, 1991)

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

You don’t need me to tell you this is the best console action role-playing game of all time because you’ve played it and have nothing but feelings of happiness buzzing in your tum-tum. It’s the cherry on the top of the SNES Mini Classic. It’s the nibble on your ear and the whisper between lovers that makes you blush. A Link to the Past loves you back, forever.

Price on ebay:$17
Not as good as:Landstalker (Sega Megadrive, 1993)


But it’s definitely a thing and you should try to contain your surprise.


It’s hardly a surprise to hear that Sony has plans for a PlayStation 5, but it’s always nice to hear it straight from the horse’s mouth.

In an interview with German site Golem.de, Sony President and CEO Shawn Layden was asked whether we would ever see any PS4 Pro only titles.

“That will never happen!” was his emphatic response.

For anyone who was worried that consoles would follow the smartphone business model of releasing a new iteration on a regular basis, rather than working on a brand new architecture and releasing it a number of years later, you’ll be relieved to hear that your fears are unfounded.

“With the Playstation 4 Pro we have for the first time implemented this kind of innovation within the life cycle of a console,” said Layden, according to a rough translation in Google Translate.

“The Pro is really only to offer advantages such as 4K resolutions and HMD for players who can and want to use that. Add to this a more stable image rate and larger hard disk space. But [PS4 owners have] no real disadvantages. Each of our games will continue to run on the classic PS4 and possibly slightly better on the Pro.”

Layden said it would “probably be some time” before the reveal of the PS5, but Macquarie Capital Securities analyst Damian Thong – who has a good track record of being on the nose with his predictions – thinks the PS5 will be released before the end of 2018.

There was no mention of a new console at Sony’s E3 press conference and it’s been less than year since the PS4 Pro’s release, so Thong’s prediction seems a bit off, but who knows.

Do you think the PS5 is already being worked on? When do you think it’ll be revealed? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Sometimes we include links to online retail stores. If you click on one and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. For more information, go here.


By Stephany Nunneley, Wednesday, 21 June 2017 18:13 GMT

Want a look at ten minutes worth of Battlefield 1: In the Name of the Tsar gameplay? Sure you do.

In the new footage above from Westie, Battlefield 1 players are treated to a look at first map, Lupkow Pass. Real quick: this map will now be released 30 days early, so expect it to drop in August.

As previously reported, the Lupkow Pass map features snow-covered ravines where players will wage war in vertical fights. And it’s a bit cold obviously because of all the snow.

This is just one of the maps players will battling it out on, as three others are included with In the Name of the Tsar: Albion, Galicia and Brusilov Keep.

Along with a look at the Lupkow Pass map in the video, you’ll also see footage of six new weapons: a Double Barrel Shotgun, Federov Avtomat rifle, MG14 Parabellum, Mosin Nagant M91 rifle, Nagant Revolver and the C93 Carbine Suppressed.

The Federov Avtomat, Mosin–Nagant M91, Nagant M1895 Revolver and MG14 Parabellum were four of the weapons Westie said previously he’d like to see in the expansion, so he must be pretty pleased.

Even better, the Lance is on display. Using this new Cavalry weapon, players will be able to impale others on the end of it when charging on horseback. Awesome.

Battlefield 1: In the Name of the Tsar will be releases on PC, PS4 and Xbox One in September.

Sometimes we include links to online retail stores. If you click on one and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. For more information, go here.