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Fuck Treyarch. I want more info about the Multi.
Don't give a sh!t (50$) on campaing.
AusGamers recently caught up with Treyarch Call of Duty community manager, Josh Olin to talk Black Ops. Read on for the full interview...

The Call of Duty franchise has gone through some turmoil recently. With the firing of Jason West and Vince Zampella, the heads of Infinity Ward, many people believed that the series would not be able to reclaim its former glory. And with a pretty mediocre pedigree from Treyarch (developers of CoD 3 and World and War), not much was expected of the upcoming Call of Duty: Black Ops.

However, the recent debut trailer was received very positively, and now Cowan & Company is predicting that the game will sell over 10.7 million units in the first year after release. This may not be too far off the mark—already, the game is in the top ten on pre-order charts at Amazon.com and GameStop.

According to analyst Doug Creutz, "This is a very impressive display of strength and we believe the title is headed for a better comparison versus last year’s Modern Warfare 2 than we had originally assumed... We are increasing our estimate for the franchise from a -29 per cent year on year unit decline to a -17 per cent year on year decline.”

He continued, saying “We believe our revised estimate could still prove conservative, and note that a strong performance by the Treyarch-developed Black Ops would help combat the notion that the departure of key Infinity Ward talent could permanently impair the Call of Duty franchise."

Will Black Ops be able to change Treyarch’s reputation as the “off-year” Call of Duty developer? We’ll have to wait and see.

Fucking hell that is annoying , no killstreaks would be Ok
no perks Kinda sucks
This is so annoying can any one confirm this is true??