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Treyarch has detailed their intentions for Call of Duty: Black Ops' multiplayer. Although dedicated servers are unlikely to make their way into the console versions, the developer is hard at work on matchmaking.

In response to a Black Ops wish list from YouTube user Blame Truth, Treyarch multiplayer design director David Vonderhaar ("Vahn") has detailed the studio's views on a number of raised issues.

There have been numerous complaints about Modern Warfare 2's multiplayer, such as its dodgy peer-to-peer matchmaking. EA's Battlefield Bad Company 2 solves such woes with dedicated servers, but so far Activision has been reluctant to match this with Call of Duty.

This isn't going to change any time soon as far as the console versions are concerned. However, as previously reported, PC gamers can breathe easy. Dedicated servers will make their return with Black Ops. On this issue Vohn writes:

"The cost/reward structure of dedicated servers for console games is as complicated as All Get Out. I am not talking about PC games. That's a different, and much easier, conversation. My point is simply that, that error you think is lag is not necessarily caused by latency, and dedicated servers won't solve every perceived error you think is lag."

In reference to peer-to-peer hosting, Vohn explains that the studio has a number of specific ideas to improve host selection:

"Until you can build a profile/library of who is a good host and who is not, the first couple of times someone ends up host, he is going to be as good of a host as anyone else. The game can't see into the future. His connection might have been awesome at the time host selection was made," Vohn comments.

He adds that the studio prefers the "'make matchmaking as fast as possible' approach," avoiding check box criteria that would up make the matchmaking process even slower.

As far as the ability to select multiplayer map preferences before entering matchmaking, which is reminiscent of Call of Duty 2's options, Treyarch has apparently created a system that is "more simple and requires active participation" for Black Ops.

Weapon balance was something Call of Duty fans thought both Treyarch and Infinity Ward have got wrong. World at War's weapons were too difficult for new players, and Modern Warfare 2's were too easy. The studio hopes to readdress the balance in Black Ops. Vohn explains:

"Black Ops is trying to find some place between the skill of World at War weapons with the accessibility of MW2 weapons. Easy to use, difficult to master. I added a guy to my team this year, who is working on this nearly full-time. We are committed to this idea and committed to fixing what we don't get right."

It's good news that Treyarch is taking so much care to listen to community feedback, with Vohn adding that Black Ops has "features that require more post-launch support than ever before." Gamers won't be left in the lurch.


[size=small](I will try to get it on our youtube channel as soon as possible)[/size]

Discuss it here.
From the BlackOps Facebook profile:

Thats about 02:00 GMT+

I'm really excited about this, let's see what we can get out of this :)
Possible confirmed weapons:

Assault Rifles:







M4 or M4A1, Some one please confirm.

Not confirmed, but looks like an MP5.