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Here’s something interesting that might make you concerned with today’s youth. Apparently, a teenager who has the PSN ID of “SpangeBaab” which is one of his many PSN accounts. has the ability to disconnect people from PSN if they rub him the wrong way.

This was reported by Reddit user DowntownReaper, who shared his tale of this unfortunate incident earlier today.

“So today a group of friends of mine were DDOS by a gamer known as Decaf Gamer ( youtube account) SpangeBaab ( PSN account, he has several accounts) . He joined our party today and made random noise until we kicked him out of the party. he then returned to the party and had a confrontation with the party host. saying ” you like kicking people from parties” ” im going to disconnect you now”. host kicked him again then the event occurred he Disconnected one friend ( breakid psn) then joined and bragged about the disconnect. we kicked him again and then my next friend (xionaryon) was disconnected. He came back bragged about it again and then disconnected a my last friend KOWABUNGA23. he then came in and bragged to me that he wasnt gunna kick me just because i joined late. i sent reports through PSN but i feel as if i couldn’t fully give them the entire story. Hopefully they are able to do a full investigation. This is a teenage kid that is causing damages and conducting a highly illegal act. the only really evidence i have is his account profile that stats ” DISRESPECT=DISCONNECT” he purely brags about it in his account. something PLS tell me PSN can investigate this event further than just reading my post. this kid is conducting a crime and must be confronted and reprimanded.”

According to the Reddit poster, none of his friends have been able to reconnect to PSN, though one did but got disconnected yet again.

So just who is this internet hero? His PSN ID is “SpangeBaab” and he also has a YouTube channel called” Decaffeinated_Gamer, though his videos are a mish-mash of assorted clips. Possibly the highlight of this one is how he’s selling a “modded account” for Grand Theft Auto V.

The PSN profile page of SpangeBaab is this one:


As you can see, he mentions that a “disrespect” equals a disconnect, which is an odd way of looking at things, I guess.

Thankfully, another Reddit user (Nicologogixs), had the foresight to do dig up this teenager’s Facebook profile, and in turn his parents, and messaged them (his parents) that their son is doing something illegal.

Regardless if you feel disrespected or not, intentionally making life miserable for everyone by not allowing them to connect is a serious misstep. Let’s hope Sony can take a look at this and act on it soon.

We’ve contact PlayStation PR to ask for a statement on this and will update the story if and when we get a response back.

Have you experienced anything like this before? Or know anyone who suffered through it? If so, send us an email at [email protected]

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Just last month, the Rainbow Six Siege community was up in arms over the publisher’s plans to censor parts of the game to cater to the Asian market. Well, it seems these concerns have been heard, as all Rainbow Six Siege censorship changes are being reverted back!

Here’s the quick FAQ posted by on the official site:


We will begin reverting these changes alongside the launch of Wind Bastion so no player is impacted; we ask you to be patient if some elements remain. We will carefully remove them all to the best of our ability considering the short timeframe and with the lowest impact on the season’s launch date and our build stability.


Our intentions are to keep any impact to a minimum, though such changes may lead to a season delay and/or some instability as our testing and debug times are shortened. We will monitor our tests closely and keep you updated on any new development on the matter via our Rainbow Six Twitter.


We have been following the conversation with our community closely over the past couple of weeks, alongside regular discussions with our internal Ubisoft team, and we want to ensure that the experience for all our players, especially those that have been with us from the beginning, remains as true to the original artistic intent as possible.


Current players in Asian territories can continue enjoying the same game as the other players.

We will be sure to keep you informed, as updates progress. In the meantime, we are excited to unveil Operation Wind Bastion on the Test Server later today, and cannot wait to introduce players to Kaid, Nomad, the new Fortress map and more in Year Three Season Four.

In other, more gaming-related Rainbow Six Siege news, check out the two new Operators and new map in this new video.

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Rockstar Games has made such an expansive and content-filled world in Red Dead Redemption 2, that there’s no shortage of hidden quests and items in open-world action game. While most of the side quests are grounded in reality, there are some missions that touch on the supernatural as well.

Listed below are the step by step guide on the Red Dead 2 witch locations. By our count, there are two known locations for the witches in Red Dead Redemption 2, and one of them has a unique reward that you won’t want to miss.

Red Dead 2 Witch Location #1

Possibly the most known witch location in the game so far, the witch’s cauldron can be found in Ambarino. Easiest way to mark it is go to the “N” in Ambarino in your map, and it’s right above that.


Zoomed in shot of the map:


Once you see the area, you’ll know you’ve found the right place as you’ll see a witch’s cauldron brewing something. Loot the area for items (salted offal, and other stuff), and once you’re done, go check out the cauldron. You can take a drink from it, and once you do, you’ll pass out and wake up a short distance away from the witch’s cauldron location. Aside from passing out, it’s not known what the effects of this drink are, or if there’s even an effect associated with it (aside from making you black out).

Going to the place at night will have the place lighted up with a lot of candles, which means it’s not an abandoned area. There’s also a raven sitting there that you can choose to shoot.


Now that this “easy part is out of the way, let’s dive in to the Red Dead 2 witch location #2!

Red Dead 2 Witch Location #2

It’s just left of Grizzlies West near the edge of the map.


Here’s a zoomed in look, with a waypoint marking the exact location:


Once you’re there, you’ll come across a hag that will shout at you to leave her place. She’ll have signs saying “beware of dogs” and if you don’t leave ASAP, she’ll sic her dogs at you. Easy way to get rids of the dogs is to kill ’em (sorry!), and once you do, the witch herself will hunt you down with a shotgun! Yep, no broom or magic wands for this hag! Take care of her in whatever way you wish.


Once you’ve knocked her out or killed her, you can then examine the area, which will prompt Arthur to write in his journal about meeting a witch!



You should go inside her shack and loot the area. Don’t forget to pick up the “torn map” inside her bedside table!


As an added bonus, your map will also show the witch and her dogs as part of the official map!


Got all that? Good. Once we know what the mysterious drink from the cauldron does, we’ll be sure to let you know.

Have you seen other witches in Red Dead Redemption 2? If so, share them below in the comments or send us an email to [email protected]

More Red Dead Redemption 2 Reading:

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Even with the addition of online multiplayer, a few things in the Fallout universe remain constant: Vaultboy, excessive radiation, and most importantly for this page, perks. Here are our picks for the best perks in Fallout 76 so far.

Fallout 76 perks

Perks in Fallout 76 work a little differently than in previous games. First off, your S.P.E.C.I.A.L skills all start at 1, and you gain a point to add to a skill of your choice with each level up.

Then, depending on the level of your skill, you can equip one or more “perk cards” to gain powerful passive benefits. More perk cards are unlocked as you continue to level up, and you can combine duplicates with each other to create more powerful versions of each card.

These upgraded versions cost more to equip, but since you’re increasing your stats anyway, the benefits generally outweigh the extra cost.


There are 205 perk cards to choose from in Fallout 76, which seems like a lot, but tons of them really aren’t good enough to be part of your build.

We’ve listed our favourites below, with brackets to indicate what improvements are made when you upgrade that card.

What are the best perks in Fallout 76?

Best Strength Perks

Strength is a great skill to invest in, because it not only governs how much melee damage you deal – which is useful for conserving bullets – but it also lets you carry more weight, which is very limited in Fallout 76.


Our favourite strength perks are as follows:

  • Basher: Gun bashing does +25% (50%) damage with a 5% chance to cripple your opponent. This is great for finishing off weaker enemies without wasting ammo.
  • (Expert/Master) Gladiator: Your one-handed melee weapons now do +10% (50%) damage. One-handed melee weapons are plentiful and, especially in the early game, you’ll find yourself using them often to conserve ammo.
  • Martial Artist: Your melee weapons weigh 20% (60%) less, and you can swing them 10% (30%) faster. As mentioned, melee is good for finishing enemies and conserving ammo, which makes this a decent perk if you’re a melee focussed player.
  • Pack Rat: The weight of all junk items is reduced by 25% (75%). In Fallout 76 you’ll be constantly hitting up against your weight limit, and you’ll also be collecting a lot of loot for resources – this eases that problem nicely.
  • Strong back: Gain +10 (40) to carry weight. Did I mention the annoying weight limit? Yes? Well, I’m doing it again. If you’re getting sick of it as much as me, then pick this perk up.
  • Sturdy Frame: Armor weighs 25% (50%) less than normal. All of the pieces of armor you have equipped contribute to your weight significantly, a problem that this perk reduces efficiently.
Best Perception Perks

Perception helps you to keep track of enemies and increases your effectiveness in V.A.T.S, as well as housing a lot of perks that buff the strength of your guns. Since there’s a much bigger emphasis on combat in Fallout 76 than previous Fallouts, you’re going to be reliant on your gunplay.


We won’t list all of the specific gun type perks, since different players will have different preferences. We like the non-automatic rifles so went with Rifleman, but if you prefer pistols or assaults, then obviously go with those perks:

  • (Expert/Master) Lockpick: Gain +1 lockpicking skill, and the lockpicking ‘sweet spot’ is 10% larger. There are three lockpicking cards to collect, and you’ll get a decent amount of use out of them.
  • Night Person: Gain +1 (3) Intelligence and +1 (3) Perception between the hours of 6:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. Even though it’s useless half the time, buffs to your core skills are always strong and always worth considering.
  • Refractor: Gain +5 (20) Energy Resistance. Resisting damage to supplement your armor rating is a good bonus to have, making this a strong basic perk.
Best Endurance Perks

Endurance is another good skill to invest in during the early game, since a higher rating gives you more health and lets you sprint for longer.


  • Cannibal:Eating Human, Ghoul, Super Mutant, Scorched, or Mole Miner corpses restores Health and hunger. In older games this used to be a double-edged sword, but there’s no karma or reputation to lose in Fallout 76, so chow down!
  • Ironclad: Gain 10 (50) Damage and Energy Resistance while not wearing Power Armor. Taking less damage? What’s not to like?
  • Lead Belly: You take 30% less (no) radiation from eating or drinking. With Fallout 76’s new default survival mechanics, you’re going to be eating and drinking a lot. Use this to keep the rads at bay and your health topped up when you do.
  • Solar Powered: Gain +1 (3) to STR and END between the hours of 6:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. Strength and Endurance are really strong skills, so even a sporadic boost to them is worth considering, just don’t get stranded carrying too much overnight.
Best Charisma Perks

With no human NPCs to charm and romance, Charisma feels like a bit of a shadow of itself in Fallout 76. However, it still houses some powerful perks.


If you’re playing with a group of friends, definitely pick up as many of the team perks – like Bodyguards – as you can. But if you’re lone wolfing it, be sure to pick up Lone Wanderer, which reduces damage and increases your AP regen while you’re solo.

Our favourite team perks are the aforementioned Bodyguards, E.M.T, Quack Surgeon, Squad Maneuver, and Team Medic.

  • Suppressor: Reduce your target’s damage output by 10% (30%) for 2 seconds after hitting it. This can be useful if you’re struggling with some of the stronger boss enemies around the Wasteland.
  • Tenderizer: Make your target receive 5% (7%) more damage for 5 (10) seconds after you attack. Bonus damage is very powerful, especially with automatic weaponry.
Best Intelligence Perks

In Fallout 76, Intelligence is basically the crafting skill, so if you’re the type to use your own ingenuity to create the best gear a game has to offer, then you’ll want to invest in the Armorer, Gunsmith, Power Smith, and Science skills.


  • (Expert/Master) Hacker: Gain +1 hacking skill, and terminal lock-out time is reduced. Some areas are only accessible by hacking terminals, so grab this if you want to see absolutely everything.
  • Portable Power: All Power Armor parts and chassis weights are reduced by 25% (75%). Power Armor is really strong in Fallout 76, but it munches through your stash limit like Avril Lavigne through a pack of Smarties. This perk makes that much, much more manageable.
Best Agility Perks

If you’re a big pistol user, be sure to grab a few of the perks in this category.


  • Born Survivor: Falling below 20% (40%) health will automatically use a Stimpak. The level 1 version of this is a great safety net – just in case.
  • Covert Operative: Your ranged attacks do 2.15x (2.5x) normal damage. As I’ve said before, bonus damage is very strong, and is always worth considering.
Best Luck Perks

Fallout 76 is all about the loot, so you might as well maximise it. There are a few good perks on offer here too, so do check if you get any good ones in your card packs.


  • Bloody Mess: 5% (15%) bonus damage means enemies may explode into a gory red paste. An unqualified damage buff is a no-brainer, pick this one up when it becomes available.
  • Mysterious Stranger: The Mysterious Stranger will appear occasionally in V.A.T.S. to lend a hand. A helping hand is always appreciated, especially when it’s holding a scoped .44 magnum.

For more Fallout 76 tips, take a look at our advice page for beginners and returning veterans.

If you’re a collector, here’s everywhere we’ve found a Bobblehead in Fallout 76 so far.

Or if you’re looking to wade into the thick of battle, here are all of the Power Armor locations we’ve uncovered so far too.

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By Stephany Nunneley, Wednesday, 14 November 2018 18:14 GMT

If you’ve yet to try Rainbow Six Siege, you can do so for free this weekend.

Ubisoft has announced another free play weekend for Rainbow Six Siege and it kicks off tomorrow.

If you are interested in playing what over 40 million others have tried, here’s another chance.

The Rainbow Six Siege free weekend runs November 15-18 and is available for PC, PS4, and Xbox One users. It includes access to all maps, modes, and the 20 original operators.

All progress earned during the free weekend will carry over to the full game upon purchase. As an incentive, Ubisoft has put the game on sale for up to 70% off.

This includes the Starter, Standard, Advanced, Gold, and Complete Editions. The sale will last through November 30 – depending on the platform.

A new update is in the works for Rainbow Six Siege, Operation Wind Bastion, and it includes two new Moroccan operators and the Fortress map. The defender operator, Jalal “Kaid” El Fassi, was detailed today.

Sometimes we include links to online retail stores. If you click on one and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. For more information, go here.

Fallout 76 is live and if you’ve bought the Tricentennial Edition you start the game with a whole stack of skins and decorations for your camp.

Unfortunately this additional DLC isn’t necessarily available to you right away, so you’ll need to do a little bit of fiddling around in the store and the game world to apply the exclusive content.

Firstly, Tricentennial Edition owners get access to the following; Tricentennial Power Armor skins for the T-51, T-45, T-60, and X-01 Power Armors, Tricentennial Weapon skins for the 10MM Pistol, Hatchet, and Laser Rifle, a Vault Boy Mascot Head, an Uncle Sam Outfit, a Vault Boy Saluting Emote, Tricentennial Workshop Posters, and a Tricentennial Commemorative Photo Frame.

Technically all of this is available as soon as you start the game and you can equip it or use it to decorate your camp straight away. Just head to the Atomic Shop from the options menu to see all your items.


The camp items can be used to liven up your camp straight away. The skins are available too, but you’ll need to have the item in-game before you can use it. So you’ll need to find or craft the Power Armors or weapons before you can apply the special Tricentennial skins.

To do so, use the workbenches in your camp. Clothing, armor and headwear can be customised at the Armor Workbench, and guns and melee weapons can be customised at the Weapons Bench.

The first camp you’ll find to use the equipment is the Overseer’s Camp, which is one of you first missions as soon as you leave Vault 76.

If you’re looking for more help, here’s how to find your first set of weapons and other beginners tips for Fallout 76.

And if you’re playing on PC, here’s a quick fix to making Fallout 76 look much better.

By Stephany Nunneley, Wednesday, 14 November 2018 17:38 GMT

The November 2018 Xbox Update is rolling out today, and it includes mouse and keyboard support for Fortnite and others.

Mouse and keyboard support for Xbox One was announced over the weekend at X018 and arrives today for select games with the November update.

Developers now have the option to add KBM support to their games, and the first two are Fortnite and Warframe.

Bomber Crew, Deep Rock Galactic, Strange Brigade, Vermintide 2, War Thunder and X-Morph Defense will also add support this month.

Children of Morta, DayZ, Minion Master, Moonlighter, Vigor, Warface, and Wargroove will support KBM at a later date.

Along with the KBM option, updates to the Xbox Skill for Cortana and Alexa are rolling out. Those in the UK can participate in the Alexa beta, and Cortana improvements have been made in the US.


The Amazon Music app is now available on Xbox One in the US, with availability in more countries coming soon. This app allows Amazon Music Unlimited subscribers to stream music, playlists and stations through their Xbox One. Prime members can also use the app to stream tunes at no additional cost.

Microsoft has also expanded search results for Xbox Assist. It now supports games which are “Ready to Install” or currently owned as part of a memberships. This includes Xbox Game Pass, EA Access, and others.

More information on the update can be found over on Xbox Wire.

Sometimes we include links to online retail stores. If you click on one and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. For more information, go here.

“Whispers have been quieter about Google’s hardware, whatever that may look like, but the rumors we’ve heard suggest that it will link up with the streaming service in some way. We’re not sure whether Google is looking to compete with the technical specs of the next PlayStation and Xbox or whether this Google console will be cheaper and low-end, relying on the streaming service to pull weight.”

The eponymous hero of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has finally shared details on the PUBG Roadmap 2018, which includes an upcoming smaller map, emote system, and more.

For 2018, the developers are planning to release “major content” every two months, the first of which is coming this month. These major content drops will “bring changes to specific systems and/or introduce new content.” Players can also expect to see “smaller updates between the major ones,” which “will also continue throughout the year.”

PUBG Roadmap 2018 highlights include a new, 4x4km island map, which will be available on the Experimental Test Server next month. This will be a much smaller map, and make for “higher player density” and “shorter matches.”


Next, there’s a new PUBG Emote System in the works. This will be available to trial soon on the game’s Test Server.

PlayerUnknown has also mentioned that he’s helping the game design team to plan some “new and interesting game modes.” He doesn’t mention any specifics, but yeah, expect new modes to come at some point.

New vehicles are planned for the first half of the year, and new weapon sets and attachments should also make it into the game in 2018.

Here’s a look at a new PUBG weapon that’s coming soon:


If the new smaller map didn’t impress you, then perhaps the new 8x8km map will! We’re not told much about this, only that it will also be coming to the Experiment Test Server, which will let eager players try it out early.

PUBG Corp. has also begun testing Achievements, in-game friends lists, and squad voice chat in the main menu.

In 2018, the entire TPP and FPP animation systems will be overhauled. The plan is to “make them smoother and more reactive to the environment.” PlayerUnknown actually goes into detail on this, saying, “This will include animations for getting inside vehicles and changing seats while in the vehicle. We also want to improve how the character moves to allow our 3D replay to deliver some truly great content.”

There’s also an overhaul planned for the parachuting system, which will make it “more responsive and polish the overall look of the animations.”

Armed and unarmed melee combat systems are also being looked at.

That’s it for the highlights. For the full PUBG Roadmap 2018, click through here.

In other PUBG news, NFL Star JJ Watt provoked a Twitter battle between the game and Fortnite, sales are now at over 30 million but player numbers are dropping, and the roadmap for 2018 content will be shared “soon.”

does anyone play this?


By Brenna Hillier, Monday, 31 July 2017 05:42 GMT

Grand Theft Space is a thing that clearly had to happen.

There just aren’t enough games about jacking spaceships; all the sandboxes and sims currently out there are too law abiding; we want more to do than hauling minerals back and forth. Something like GTA 5, but … in space.

Enter Grand Theft Space. The product of a team of modders led by sollaholla, the mod promises to go the whole hog on taking GTA 5 to space, since somehow nobody’s managed to do that yet. Here’s the official synopsis:

The Earth has been alone in this galaxy since the very moment it was formed, but far far away in another galaxy, there was intelligent life peering at the people of earth for a millennium. This life was not the friendly life we would like to believe. The NASA research team have found remnants of alien spaceship parts scattered around the state of San Andreas. We never thought that these intelligent life-forms would ever reach our planet; but they’re coming and they’re not on our side. It’s your mission to take out these alien scum before they reach earth.

Also, it’s going to include shuttle and lunar vehicles. Intrigued? Check out the first trailer for the Grand Theft Space mod:

You can learn more about the Grand Theft Space mod on the GTA 5 Mods forums if you want to follow along.

We might now be asking ourselves why Rockstar has never taken its blockbuster franchise into science fiction territory if not for the whole Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare disaster last year. Apparently the juggernaut masses aren’t too hot on space – but then again, nobody’s ever done it the way Rockstar might.

Sometimes we include links to online retail stores. If you click on one and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. For more information, go here.


Sony has graced us with another video for Uncharted: The Lost Legacy.
The new video for Uncharted: The Lost Legacy features gameplay from the Western Ghats mountain range which runs parallel to the western coast of the Indian peninsula.

Chloe Frazer is shown at the beginning of the video standing in tower. She opens three different doors, each when opened, overlook three points in the region featuring ruined fortresses of the Hoysala Empire.

After marking each location on the map, which can be pulled up easily using the controller, she descends and hops into a jeep where her partner Nadine Ross is waiting.

The duo drive over rough terrain making chitchat to one of the points on the map, all the while hoping to avoid the game’s antagonist: the warmonger Asav.

In true Uncharted fashion, Chloe and Nadine find enemies patrolling the area. Here’s where the gameplay really kicks into gear as Chloe performs a stealth takedown, fire off a shot or two, does a bit of rolling, climbing and uses a grappling hook to perform aerial attacks.

You’ll also see a a bit of lock picking of supply crates which can include everything from a grenade launcher to other helpful gear.

While Nadine will help Chloe out in the game, she will not be a playable character as the story centers around Chloe.

The video is close to 14 minutes long, and is the newest footage seen since E3 2017, so you’ll want to give it a watch for yourself.

You’ll be able to help Chloe and Nadine search for an ancient Indian artifact in Uncharted: The Lost Legacy soon, as it releases next month August 22.

The PlayStation 4 title was announced at PSX 2016 as a standalone, single-player title which could take 10 hours or longer to play.

Set 12 months after the events of Uncharted 4, it started started life as DLC for the title, but turned into a standalone experience during development. It will also feature the largest level in franchise history.



Here’s a new Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 video for you, featuring a track from Royal Deluxe.

Titled Dangerous, after the song, this Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 video shows off the various ways in which Jonathan North can take out enemies.

Along with sniping and armor-piercing bullets, Jon can stab foes, use exploding barrels, run folks down with a vehicle, and give bad guys a good knee to the face.

Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 takes place in northern Georgia and features large, open-world maps with dynamic weather and a day and night cycle. The latter two will impact both play and decisions.

Players can also customize weapons, equipment, accessories, vehicles and a drone.

Announced in 2014 for an early 2016 release, CI Games pushed back the release to January 2017 as it needed more development time. In October of last year, the game was once again delayed and scheduled for April 4. In March of this year, the developer announced Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 would once again see a delay, but only by three weeks.

The game will be finally be released later this month on April 25 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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