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Wednesday, 2 November 2016 19:36 GMT By Stephany Nunneley

UpIsNotJump has decided to take a break from creating Fallout 4 battle videos, and has moved on to Skyrim Special Edition. And this one is a doozy.

In the video above, two of the largest enemies in the game go at it near Solitude: giants and dragons. And the numbers are rather skewed in favor of the giants – there are 300 of them compared to 100 of the flying beasts of terror.

Though they lack 200 in number, dragons are a force to be reckoned with, as you will see.

Who wins in the end? You will have to watch it yourself to find out. But let’s just say, there are many carcasses from each army littering the ground after all is said and done.

Skyrim Special Edition is out now on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.


Microsoft managed to secure a year of exclusivity for Rise of the Tomb Raider when it launched in November last year. That annoyed Tomb Raider fans who had opted to buy a PS4 this generation, but it looks as though the exclusivity may actually backfire in the long term for Microsoft. That’s because a big problem with the Xbox One version of the game has been fixed on PS4.

People can argue all they want about superior graphics on one platform or another, but when you ultimately sit down to play there’s only one thing that matters: gameplay. And that’s where the Xbox One version of the game fell down. Not because the gameplay was poor, but because the player’s control of the game was.

Rise of the Tomb Raider on Xbox One has a very noticeable input latency issue. There was clear input lag when playing which meant actions such as achieving a headshot were made much more difficult and frustrating. There was also an obvious and large dead zone. Those input issues remain even today on Xbox One.

For the Xbox 360, PC, and PS4 versions of the game, development was shifted from Crystal Dynamics to Nixxes. They removed the input latency issues on the Xbox 360 and PC versions of the game. The launch build of the PS4 version contains the input latency suggesting it wasn’t getting fixed for the Xbox One’s main rival, however, patching the game to v1.04 sees it removed.

So, not only does the PS4 version contain a number of bug fixes, frame-rate improvements, PSVR support, and the option of 4K image quality tweaks if you play on a PS4 Pro, it also removes by far the most frustrating feature of the Xbox One version.

I wonder if Microsoft will now demand Crystal Dynamics revisits Rise of the Tomb Raider and finally fixes the input latency issue? If they don’t, how can anyone recommend buying the Xbox One version anymore?


Well, that sure is pretty.

Bethesda has released a video for Skryim Special Edition, comparing the lovely differences between last-gen and current-gen consoles.

Not that the PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 versions were ugly by any means. It just looks better. You will recognize some clips in the video if you watched the trailer released last week which showed how mods can be incorporated.

Of course, there isn’t a comparison for PC shown in that video, because, well, PC. Yeah, I totally went there.

Should probably clarify that before I get flamed to hell and back: I own Skyrim on Xbox 360 and also on PC through Steam.

I also own The Elder Scrolls Anthology, so technically I have purchased Morrowind, Oblivion and Skyrim three times each: twice for PC and once for Xbox consoles. You’re welcome, Bethesda.

Anyway, enjoy that lovely trailer.

Skyrim: Special Edition will be released on PC, PS4 and Xbox One October 28.

In the PS4 video below, YouTube channel FudgeMuppet shows off many of the graphical upgrades the various cities in the game have received.

The 16-minute video is commentary-free, and is made up entirely of gameplay from all the major cities. Anyone who played Skyrim when it first came out will no doubt remember Winterhold, Falkreath, Riften, Solitude and many others. All footage was captured from the PS4 build.​

After teasing us with pictures for the better part of a week, Rockstar Games finally revealed the first trailer for Red Dead Redemption 2. Much like with the Nintendo Switch, there had been no shortage of rumors and theories as to when we would finally get any official word on the follow up to 2010’s Red Dead Redemption. Now, not only do we know that the game is in production, but that it will be coming to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in Fall of 2017 (sorry, PC gamers).

Much like with Grand Theft Auto IV and GTA V, the trailer for Red Dead Redemption 2 didn’t exactly shower us with information. We were treated to some gorgeous visuals that depicted life in the Old West along with fleeting glimpses of the game’s main characters. There wasn’t a lot happening, but the trailer contained just enough to get people who have been waiting to see anything Red Dead Redemption related excited for what Rockstar has in store.

Since we’ll no doubt have to wait some time before Rockstar deems us worthy enough to get another trailer, now is the perfect time to think about what sort of content should be included in the upcoming sequel. Below are six things we want to see in Red Dead Redemption 2.


Although it took Rockstar well over a year to finally implement them, one of the best modes in Grand Theft Auto Online were the heists. During heist missions, you and up to three of your friends would get together in order to pull off complex, multi-part robberies that required coordination from all participants in order to complete successfully.

Having heists in Red Dead Redemption 2 seems like an instant win given the Wild West setting. Not only can players rob some old time-y banks, but they could also hijack trains or even steam boats. The possibilities are virtually endless and we should have little doubt that if Rockstar included heists in RDR2 that they would be the highlight of the online portion of the game.



In the second teaser image and first trailer, we see a band of outlaws who no doubt get themselves into a lot of trouble doing outlaw stuff. This already sounds like a blast, but wouldn’t it be better if these NPCs could be controlled by your friends? Adding a proper co-op mode not unlike what the Gears of War franchise has to offer would make playing the campaign of RDR2 that much better and enjoyable.

The thing about getting co-op right is that it shouldn’t feel forced. Players should be able to drop in and out of co-op seamlessly and effortlessly. And of course, anyone who joins you shouldn’t be able to screw up your game inadvertently — though I suppose some players would like the option to have friendly fire turned on so they can screw with their buddies. I don’t know about you all, but I would much rather be mauled by a mountain lion in the company of a friend than by my lonesome. Rockstar has no excuse not to include co-op into the game.


Manifest destiny

This one might sound strange considering that you play as an outlaw, but the ability to own your own land is something a lot of people want in RDR2. The previous game had small segments where you helped fix barns and herded cattle, but those were for the sake of others. Wouldn’t it be better to claim your own piece of land and grow it as you see fit?

The game shouldn’t go full-on into RTS territory, but being able to build your own home and then expand its surroundings to include an entire town or city would add a whole new dimension to the game. In fact, managing and maintaining land could be a game in and of itself. Owning their own tavern, stable, and even sources of income would help let players feel that they are truly having an effect on the world.


Crazy spin-off DLC

One of the best things about Red Dead Redemption was the Undead Nightmare DLC. In that, players had to survive a zombie plague and other apocalyptic horrors in an alternate reality scenario. This is something that Rockstar would be wise to replicate in RDR2 since it was extremely fun to see the game’s characters and locations re-purposed in such a unique way.

I don’t want to speculate too much here since it is hard to say what direction Rockstar would take any DLC for RDR2 . I will say that like Undead Nightmare, it would be wise to release this expansion roughly around the time the inevitable game of the year edition drops. This way, those who bought the game on day one would finally get some new content and those who missed the boat initially can jump in and buy the game and its DLCs in one package.


VR support

Sony has partnered with Rockstar for Red Dead Redemption 2 which means that PlayStation 4 owners will be able to get DLC and other goodies before folks on Xbox One. This partnership could also mean having some sort of exclusive involving the PlayStation VR.

The reason the Red Dead series is so successful is because it transports players into the Wild West and lets them live out their cowboy fantasies. This aspect could be fully realized in VR where a player would be immersed in the world. If Rockstar and Sony can have some sort of VR feature for RDR2 it would probably be smaller in scale when compared to the main game. Still, even getting to ride a horse, shoot bandits, and play poker in VR for an hour or two would be enough.


A larger, living world

Red Dead Redemption was one of the very best open world games released last generation due in no small part to how impressive it looked. It featured a wide variety of different landscapes that would have been familiar to folks from the turn of the 20th century. While the game featured gorgeous graphics for its time, it is clear that the graphical horsepower of current-gen systems will deliver an even more vibrant and living world.

The trailer we saw was running on the PlayStation 4. It was jaw dropping, but we have to keep in mind that the game will be released in 2017. Though it will be on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, we have to believe that better looking versions of the game will be found on the PlayStation 4 Pro and Project Scorpio — both of which will be released by then. If the game is already looking this breathtaking on a normal PlayStation 4, we can only imagine what it will look like on the more powerful systems.


Red Dead Redemption 2 on PC

Much to the chagrin of PC players, the original Red Dead Redemption was never ported to home computers. This is something that shouldn’t be repeated with the sequel. RDR2 is looking spectacular on current-gen systems but on PC it would no doubt be one of the best looking games of all time.

This is speculation on my part, but I suspect that we will see a PC port of RDR2 a year and a half after its console release. This is exactly what happened with Grand Theft Auto V. It was originally released in September of 2013 and its PC port came out in April of 2015. Do you know what happened then? Those with gaming PCs who purchased GTAV on console double dipped and purchased a second copy on PC. This strategy worked well with GTAV and I believe Rockstar is planning the same thing with RDR2.

What else would you like to see in Red Dead Redemption 2? Let us know in the comments below.

Hold on to your ass, partner.


Rockstar Games has begun to tease what is surely a new Red Dead game.

Check out this message from the company’s official Twitter account:

What else could it be? The message has been retweeted over 40,000 times in just three hours. To say excitement levels are rising is an understatement.

Fans are currently arguing over whether we should call it Red Dead 3 or Red Dead Redemption 2 and getting quite agitated about it in a way only people on the internet can.

Rumours about a follow up to Red Dead Redemption are never far away, but this year there have been multiple reports that something would happen by the end of 2016.

The biggest rumour was that Rockstar was due to reveal Red Dead 3 at E3 but pulled the announcement at the last minute.

There hasn’t been any official comment from Rockstar on the state of any sequel to Red Dead Redemption at all, but earlier this year the game appeared on Xbox One as a backwards compatible title and last week the original game, Red Dead Revolver, popped up on the PlayStation Store.

Expect more from Rockstar over the coming weeks.
update: We’re going back to the West.


Yesterday Rockstar Games shocked the world by suddenly releasing a teaser that looked decidedly Red Dead Redemption – their logo set against a dirtied red background. The internet went into meltdown. Inside 24 hours it saw 100,000 retweets.

Things were quieting down… but now they’ve released another image. The internet shits a brick again. Here it is:

Fans are currently in meltdown, obviously, and we’re pretty bloody excited too. That’s why we’re already talking about what we want from the game.

One thing that’s notable about this little teaser is that there are 7 characters. Rockstar Games do love their film nods – Scarface to Vice City, Heat to GTA’s bank heist missions – are we about to get a Red Dead take on The Magnificent Seven?

The teaser isn’t familiar to the original game, so this at least confirms we’re on: This is a new game, not just some remaster. Bring it.

The biggest rumour in recent months has been that Rockstar was due to reveal Red Dead 3 at E3 but pulled the announcement at the last minute. Red Dead Redemption was recently made backwards compatible on Xbox One and the original game Red Dead Revolver has recently launched on the PlayStation Store.

More as we get it.

another update:
Rockstar has officially announced Red Dead Redemption 2.


Rockstar has just dropped the one thing everyone was expecting: the name of the next Red Dead Redemption game. It’s simply called Red Dead Redemption 2, and it’s due for release fall 2017. Here’s the announcement poster:


The press release only mentions PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and confirms that it’s going to include a “multiplayer world,” presumably a GTA Online-like experience.

And yes, as rumoured this morning, the reveal trailer is coming Thursday at 11am EST, which translates to 8am PT, 4pm BST, 5pm CEST.

In the close-up shot of the cowboys you can see above, they all appear to be men. The one on the far right looks to be a Native American.

This comes after the developer released two images earlier this week. The first was just the company’s logo, a fading logo to be exact, on a red background. Shortly after, teases became more elaborate as Rockstar released a stylised image showing a sunset, with silhouettes for seven cowboys in the distance, which officially kick-started the hype train for a Red Dead Redemption sequel.

Now that we now it’s coming, not mentioning a PC version will certainly be disappointing to many fans. Rockstar games are always very popular on Steam, but this isn’t the first a Rockstar game will be released on consoles first, before following later on PC – sometimes over a year later.


Here’s a look at the skins, poses and emotes Overwatch players can grab during the Halloween Terror event.

There are skins for 12 of the characters, emotes for about three and victory poses for all in the form of tomb stones, according to the video above from Arekkz.

Starting today and running through November 1, players can earn Loot Boxes in the shape of Jack-O-Lanterns, each containing one item from the Halloween 2016 collection.

Along with aforementioned goodies, the pumpkins will also contain icons, sprays, highlight intros, and more.

Contents are random and can also be unlocked with credits in the Hero Gallery.

The Halloween Terror event is live on PC, PS4 and Xbox One and once the screenshots file from Activision finally finishes downloading (42 minutes left) I’ll pop those in.

Overwatch is officially a Big Deal.


The Overwatch community is merrily engaging with the Halloween event, which includes a horde mode as well as stacks of new vanity items.

In the midst of the press release announcing all this excitement, Blizzard very casually dropped a milestone bomb: Overwatch has 20 million players now.

It’s easy to get blasé about big numbers in this era of free-to-play games with whopping player numbers, but Overwatch is a premium boxed product. That’s 20 million people who have shelled out $60 or local equivalent to play.

These days, a triple-A game has to shift about 5-10 million copies to be considered really successful – and that’s over its lifetime. Overwatch has stampeded past that in less than five months.

Overwatch is now edging in on Call of Duty territory, and usually Call of Duty’s ballpark 30 million annual sales are a peak nobody else in the boxed business besides GTA dares to aspire to. Call of Duty is mainstream, you know? It’s officially a cultural phenomenon. For Overwatch to be approaching it as a far less accessible multiplayer-only product is astonishing.

This is a triumph for Blizzard and especially for the Overwatch team, who had a long and disappointing run on the cancelled Titan MMO; those cats must be so bucked up by this success. Let’s hope Blizzard’s regular updates, events and direct communication keep the momentum going.

Monday, 26 September 2016 14:12 GMT By Shabana Arif

How long it’ll stay up is another story.


Win64e10 is an N64 emulator that has recently popped on the Xbox Games Store.

Spotted by Destructoid, the app is apparently an updated version of Mupen64plus.

Originally available for Windows 10 and Windows Phone, the latest update has added support for Xbox One.

The app is described as “the most advanced N64 emulator for Windows 10,” that will let you “play all Nintendo 64 games.”

I’d be surprised if Nintendo didn’t have anything to say on the matter, so in all likelihood, it’s only a matter of time before the app is pulled.

Monday, 26 September 2016 15:04 GMT By Shabana Arif

A fan-made project sees the revival of Battlefield 2142.


The servers for Battlefield 2142 were shut down back in 2014 and if you’ve been pining for the decade-old shooter ever since, you’re in luck.

Battlefield 2142 Revive Project has brought back the game along with rankings and leaderboards.

According to PC Gamer, over 1,000 concurrent players have logged on during the past two weekends.

So far, EA hasn’t issued a takedown notice, so whether they’re happy to let it be or they just haven’t gotten around to it yet is anyone’s guess, but let’s hope it’s the former.

Battlefield 2142 Revive Project is live now and you can download it for free on the website.

If you’ve been having trouble with how Overwatch currently reads thumbstick movement on controllers, you’ll be happy to know that it’s changing.


Overwatch‘s way of reading analogue stick movement on controllers for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One has been causing more than a few complaints since launch.

In short, the way the game applies aim acceleration has made the controls feel off to many players not used to this particular way of of thumbstick movement. In a new patch, currently available on PC’s PTR, Blizzard hopes to address that.

The list of notes is quite big, but the change to stick acceleration is the most important by far. In the current mode – referred to as ‘Exponential Ramp’ – moving the thumbstick towards the outside of its range would ramp up the sensitivity exponentially, and remains high.

The new default, referred to as ‘Dual-Zone mode’, slows down the sensitivity of the “vast majority” of range moves with the thumbsticks, but increases it only when you get to the outer 10 percent of the range, and keeps low acceleration.

“This mode will allow for more precise aiming, while still allowing players to turn around quickly,” Blizzard noted.

There’s currently no release date for the patch, and since PTR is only available on PC, there’s no way for console players to currently give feedback on any of this. When it does drop, however, both aiming modes will be available to choose from.


Gears of War 4 is set to release on October 11 for Xbox One and PC. It will be the first Gears of War game created to be playable at a 4K resolution on PC, but in order to achieve that you’re going to need some serious graphics hardware inside your rig. So not being a company to miss an opportunity, Nvidia has kicked off a promotion that gets you the game for free (twice!).

For a limited time, purchasing selected versions of the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 or top-of-the-line GTX 1080 graphics card will unlock a free downloadable copy of Gears of War 4 for Windows 10. And as Microsoft has made GoW4 an Xbox Play Anywhere title, by default you will also be entitled to a free copy of the game on Xbox One.

Here’s some Gears of War 4 gameplay running at 4K resolution to whet your appetite:

The recommended spec for Gears of War 4 on PC requires a GTX 1060, which is the graphics card spec below the 1070, but gets you a screen resolution of 2560 x 1440. For 3840 x 2160 you’re going to need a GTX 1080. If your display is 1080p, then you won’t need a GTX 1060 or higher to play the game. Nvidia recommends at least a GTX 750 Ti at that resolution.

To find out which cards qualify in this promotion head on over to the GeForce website and select your country. If you already own one of the qualifying cards, then visit the redemption web page and enter your coupon code.

If you’re planning a PC upgrade then this is a great offer, especially so if you also own an Xbox One. Gears of War 4 will be a $60 game at launch, so you effectively save $120 by getting the game free twice.


Wednesday, 21 September 2016 17:38 GMT By Stephany Nunneley

This new video for Dishonored 2 gives you a look at some of the creative ways which Emily and Corvo can use to dispatch their enemies.

Two kill options for each character are shown in the video: Tag Along and Trading Places for Emily; Special Delivery and Body Snatching for Corvo.

You also get a look at the Bend Time ability which allows the player to stop time for a short while.

Dishonored 2 will release worldwide on November 11 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


With the launch of ReCore, Microsoft has started its Play Anywhere initiative. Users can now purchase a digital game on either Xbox One or PC (via the Windows Store) and have access to it on both platforms. Players can play on Xbox One and then move over to play on PC (and vice versa) and have their progress, including achievements, carry over. Play Anywhere gives players more freedom to play where and how they want, but how does it all work exactly?

The first thing you’ll need is the Windows 10 Anniversary Update installed on your PC along with the latest update for Xbox One. Without those, you will not be able to get Play Anywhere working. I know this first-hand because I tried to download ReCore from the Windows Store after purchasing it from the Xbox One store to no avail. After wracking my brain trying to figure out the problem, I realized I needed to update Windows.

After doing that, I was able to log into my account (the same one I linked to my Xbox account) and downloaded ReCore easily.

I bought ReCore from the Xbox store on the Xbox One, but there are other ways to get Play Anywhere titles. Users can purchase these games from the Xbox App on Windows 10, iOS, and Android. They can also purchase games from the Windows Store, Xbox.com, Microsoft.com, or from a digital game code that is sold in stores. The best part is that once you purchase a game from any one of these places, you will not have to pay an additional fee in order to play it on either Xbox One or PC.

As I mentioned above, all of your achievements and game progress carries over to whichever system you’re playing on. All DLC, including add-ons, season passes, consumables, and in-game unlocks also transfer over. Though you can transfer information between Xbox One and PC, you cannot be logged into both devices at the same time.

Moving forward, all Xbox One exclusives will feature Play Anywhere functionality. This includes upcoming titles like Forza Horizon 3, Gears of War 4, Halo Wars 2, Sea of Thieves, and Scalebound.


Psyko Headsets is holding a Xbox one tournament and have contacted me if we could become an affiliate with them. You don't have to join the forums to enter the competition. The prizes are shown above. The headsets look pretty sweet. The headset is primarily for PC gamers. If you win you will be given the option to pick either a PC version or Game Console one. If you choose a console version, they will include a converter to make it work. Clicking the pic above will take directly to the tournament sign-up page. If having any Questions, psykoaudiopsykoaudio will answer them for you.

I actually have another Q, psyko: Is there a PS4 tournament for the PS4 players here also?

3rd party review:



When Psyko Audio Labs came onto the scene during the 2009 Consumer Electronics Show, they touted new technology that made a lot of people drool with anticipation. True 5.1 sound in a gaming headset? Every other headset for gamers used virtual 5.1 (and later 7.1), where there was still only one (or at max two) speaker driver in each ear cup. A headset promising five actual speakers, plus two bass drivers seemed like a pipe dream. Two years later now, and while there are a few other headsets that use five speakers (the Vibras for one), they’re generally uncomfortable, and the drivers are too small to deliver good, solid sound. So it’s a great relief that Psyko has been able to release their Carbon and Krypton line to show the others how it’s done.

It’s pretty crazy how these things work – Psyko Audio Labs uses what they call “PsykoWave Technology”, to describe how their headsets work. In short, there are five speakers in the bridge (the top) of the headset, and there are channels (called Wave guides) that directs the sound to both the front and back of each ear – much like you would hear from a normal surround system. They’ve measured the sound wave output to place each of the speakers at an optimal location, so that you feel like you’re sitting in the “sweet spot” of a really nice home theater system.
Now you may think that with the added weight of five speakers on your head, that this headset might be pretty awkward and uncomfortable to wear, however that’s not completely the case. Yes, after about a ninety minute gaming marathon my neck was a bit sure from the added weight, but the top of my head felt fine. In fact, I had completely forgotten I had them on while playing, and only realized the weight when I took a break. The cushioning they use is extremely comfortable, and put in just the right locations to relieve pressure. Something else that’s pretty nice is the fact that both ear cups have a clear plastic piece that you can tilt inward, allowing both ventilation (for the heavy sweaters), and the ability to hear someone talking to you without having to adjust the volume. The Psyko Gaming headsets also come with their own little amplifier so that you don’t have to mess with the volume settings on your computer once you get everything set up.

Unfortunately, with all the positives has to come some negatives. For one, I couldn’t get past the feeling that I was listening to sound through plastic. I had a friend play a few rounds with them on as well (without telling him anything about the headset), and he said the same thing as well. There’s almost a hollow property to the sounds you hear with a Psyko headset on – it’s not overbearing, but it’s there. Another negative is that for now, these are PC only – yes, you can get a surround sound decoder after the fact, but it’s a crap shoot on weather or not you get one that works well with it, and a decent decoder costs around $70. Also, if you want to use the Psyko headsets on older games, you have to do a fair amount of registry tweaks based on Creative Labs Alchemy. The last real issue, is the high price point for these things. The Psyko Krypton (the “budget” model – it used to be referred to as the Psyko 5.1) will run you $149.99, and the Psyko Carbon (Elite model with better speakers, rubberized finish on the amp, braided cables, and gold plated tips) will run you $199.99.
In relation to other headsets at the same price points, there isn’t much competition. Listening to true 5.1 audio is a much more gratifying experience than listening to virtual 5.1 (or 7.1), hollow sound be damned. If you have the money, I would just skip over the Krypton – the upgraded speakers on the Carbon more than justify it’s cost increase, and with the rubberized design on the amp, there’s little chance of it slipping off of a desk. If you don’t have a surround-capable sound card however, these things will be pretty useless to you unless you upgrade that first (no, one that uses an optical cable won’t work – you need to have actual 3.5mm surround jacks)

Overall, I give the Psyko Carbon 5.1 heasdet by Psyko Audio Labs a 4 out of 5 stars – unless you’re a hardcore PC gamer these will be much more of a luxury item.

You can buy the Psyko Carbon 5.1 headset straight from the Psyko Audio Labs website for $199.99


speaker.jpg FINAL-HEADSET.png Top.png PS.png volume.png Ear.png side-ear.png