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Originally expected at the end of this year, Sniper Elite 4 will instead arrive in early 2017.

Sniper Elite 4 delayed to February 2017
Rebellion said it decided to move the World War 2 shooter into 2017 because its PlayStation VR title Battlezone would be arriving in the same quarter.

“Battlezone will release in October as a launch title alongside PlayStation VR,” said rebellion. “That gave us a tough decision to make.

“Ultimately, we’re a relatively small independent studio, and releasing two major titles in the same quarter didn’t seem like a sensible thing to do.”

The additional months also have the added benefit of giving the team extra time to add an “extra bit of attention” before release.

Sniper Elite 4 is a direct sequel to Sniper Elite 3, and continues the story of marksman Karl Fairburne. He’s in Italy this time out, fighting alongside the Italian Resistance.

PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One users can pick the shooter up on February 14, 2017.

Games could see performance improvements on the Xbox One S.

Xbox One S is more powerful than the regular Xbox One
During its E3 2016 show yesterday, Microsoft revealed the slim Xbox One, model S, to the world. The new console is 40 percent smaller than the original Xbox One, and has an internal power supply.

Although Microsoft confirmed the console supports 4K media playback and boasts a UHD Blu-ray player, no one expected it to actually play regular Xbox One games better. Head of The Coalition, Rod Fergusson, Gears of War 4 developers toldPolygon the game will actually benefit from some of the increased power.

This additional power, according to Fergusson, comes in the form of increased GPU and CPU “raw” power.

Gears of War 4 dynamically scales the resolution in both single-player and multiplayer, to maintain the frame-rate targets for each. According to Fergusson, the team was able to utilise the extra power in the Xbox One S to reduce the frequency of frame-rate and resolution penalties in demanding spots.

The Xbox One S’ high dynamic range (HDR) also helps with some visuals improvements like surface detail on metal and armour, thanks to the wider colour range.

Microsoft did not mention the One S having more power, even if it’s not a huge increase in the grand scheme of things. It is, however, an interesting fact consumers should be aware of.

Gears of War 4 is out October 11 on Xbox One and Windows 10 PCs.

Be sure to check out our E3 2016 hub for all the news, videos, screenshots, interviews and much more, live and direct for this year’s show.

Halo Wars Definitive Edition announced for Xbox One/W10; features improved graphics, new achievements & all DLC
Microsoft has just confirmed the existence of an upgraded Xbox console.

Microsoft has announced Project Scorpio, the next Xbox console. During its E3 2016 briefing, head of Xbox Phil Spencer said he believes it will be the most powerful console ever.

Scorpio will boast an 8-core CPU, with a GPU capable of 6 teraflops. This graphics processor will be the most powerful in a console, according to the announcement.

GTX 980 Ti: 5.6 TFLOPS > Project Scoprio: 6 TFLOPS < GTX Titan X: 6.1 TFLOPS GTX 1070: 6.5 TFLOPS GTX 1080: 9 TFLOPS

Microsoft promises “true” 4K gaming and “high-fidelity virtual” reality with Scorpio, which will coexist alongside the 2013 Xbox One, as well the newly-announced S model. All games available on either console, as well as accessories, will be compatible with Scorpio.

It’s due for release holiday 2017.