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News for Destiny

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There’s some big Destiny news today, basically out of the blue. Destiny’s free April update, which revisited the Prison of Elders from the House of Wolves expansion, was more or less Bungie sticking their finger in the hole of the game’s almost empty dam of content. The update was supposed to hold us over and keep Destiny in our thoughts until the supposedly much bigger expansion drops sometime this fall. In the wee hours of last night, an image, a name, and a tidbit of info leaked onto the great wide internet about this expansion. The fall expansion will be called Rise of Iron, and the image prominently features Lord Saladin, the host of Destiny’s monthly PvP event, Iron Banner.

Check out the leaked image below, of which Kotaku got ahold:


The upcoming expansion will reportedly feature a raid, and will be more robust experiences than Year One’s first two DLC packs, The Dark Below and House of Wolves. The recent, massive, super-good 2015 fall expansion, The Taken King, was not mentioned, so it’s probably safe to assume that Rise’s size will end up some amount smaller.

Reportedly, the new raid will focus on the Fallen, but “with a twist.” Development on the new raid began last summer, so it’s not the much-discussed raid cut from the House of Wolves expansion in favor of the horde mode (and decidedly not raid-like) Prison of Elders.

We can also glean some information from the leaked image. Lord Saladin is the prominent figure in Destiny‘s monthly PvP Iron Banner event, and the Fallen do factor heavily into the lore of the event. During a war before the player’s Guardian arrives on the scene, the Fallen houses united to lay siege on the The Last City. The battle was looking grim for the Guardians, but, ignoring the commands of Lord Saladin (who was leading the defense of the City), Lord Shaxx — Saladin’s protégé (now, the host of the Crucible) — broke rank and led an attack on the Fallen that ended up the turning point in the battle and ultimately saved the City. To honor those who fell in battle, and to train Guardians for the day a similar attack may take place, Saladin hosts the Iron Banner.

Keeping that lore in mind and coupling it with the leaked image, we can see a breach in a clearly defensive wall — a wall that happens to look exactly like the one that surrounds and protects the City, as Redditor Fuzzle_Inc points out:


Saladin is seemingly guarding the newly created entrance. What would drive Saladin out of his (as far as we know) retirement from battle? The Fallen regrouping to finish what they started all those years ago, that’s what. If this is the case, though, what’s confusing about this would be how the Fallen have so quickly regrouped after we dismantled their rising leadership back in House of Wolves and quelled another rising leadership in those quests from Taken King. Surely Bungie wouldn’t use this same plot thread again.

However, Saladin standing guard outside breached City walls sure is exciting. Maybe the upcoming raid will take place in the City? Maybe we’ll be defending the City from assault? Maybe that aforementioned twist will be that we Guardians are the ones being raided, and Saladin is involved because he was in charge of the defense the last time we were raided?

Rise of Iron is expected to be at E3 next month, so we’ll hopefully get some confirmation about all of this in just a few weeks.

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