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Apr 12, 2015
Jan 13, 2011
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joal0503 was last seen:
Apr 12, 2015
    1. varock
      I'm going to go ahead and disagree with your devoted peons. Leave and never show your black ass 'round here again!
    2. Pluton
      please stay!!!
    3. Pluton
      I'm serious...please come back.
    4. Pluton
      come back....
    5. Cheesy
    6. Pluton
      where are you
    7. Mojo
      Robert John Langdon, thought it was a spoof name at first but he's done some pretty solid work on Stone Henge, Atlantis and stone age man. No hocus pocus just good theories, check his blog out here .
    8. Mojo
      Good to see you haven't completely gone. Hope all is well in the life of joal.
    9. theycallmeBruce
      hey mate, i've missed your perfomance enhanced ramblings - your effin ninja ways had me wonderin if you've upped an left altogether
    10. OG1-KENOBI
      Nigga please..................................
    11. Shizer
      Joal come back
    12. Mojo
      The Cygnus Mystery - Andrew Collins, you nailed it on your first link.
    13. Mojo
      Keep rambling dude, it suits you ;)

      Thanks for the links too, there's a whole minefield out there regarding this.
    14. Mojo
      I've just started reading the book and the only person in the world I thought of was some guy on the net from Minnesota. You're welcome. Once I read it I will recommend one way or the other if it's worth you looking at it.
    15. Mojo

      Not seen it but it's getting some good reviews in the dark corners of the interwebz
    16. Mojo
      The Cygnus Mystery; could well keep you occupied for a while dude.
    17. Mojo
      Lol, not me mate, strange coincidence I guess, very strange indeed. What is this forum you speak of?
    18. Mojo
      Other forum? BO2F?

      This is my first one dude, ever. I am on there I am the Lizard King over there it's not as good as this one and haven't visited in about 2 months. Oh and yeah, the family/fucking thing is exactly what you say it is.
    19. Mojo
      This forum on our side has turned to shit because of the very fact you have dared to opt for a normal sleeping pattern stateside. This makes me sad as you are the one who's posts along with Filth got me to sign up in the first place. You are missed my man, by me at least. I'll respond to the Kennedy thing soon, not much time at the moment though. Take it easy dude.
    20. Mojo
    21. OG1-KENOBI

      This song reminds me of the Authority in this place brutha
    22. OG1-KENOBI
      Appreciate the kind words and lovely pic. I wish you good luck & Karma in your future endeavours. I wont be around as much I rekon as Im getting a lil sick of the lack of actual forum use and the bullshit that occurs whenever you call someone out. Its like the blue wall in here.
    23. sweaty groat
      sweaty groat
      Joal you are a weirdo.

      But i love you <3
    24. OG1-KENOBI
      Happy new year fella. :beer:
    25. Phoenix
      Guess Who...?? :p
    26. Ht0wn G
    27. sweaty groat
      sweaty groat
      Joal please sleep less.
    28. Mojo
      Oops, sorry man. I miss you round these parts. I preferred the Joal who never slept :D .
    29. Mojo
      Haha, had to read the below before i post this.


      Seems pretty good
    30. alx-ndr
      Well for calling me thick you can say goodbye to all civilised discussion and can go fuck yourself. Congratulations you annoyed me. Naive. little. kid.
      If you think LSD is go great and the solution to all of man's philosophical and spiritual problems to take it yourself and while you're at it why not go buy some crystal skulls write a blog on crop circles because tbh no one cares otherwise you're 90000000 threads would be active and not end up on page 2 in under a few hours.
      I gave up on this discussion while it was still in the thread, but you carried it onto my profile so run along and play on the internet somewhere else as you've exhausted my patience.
    31. alx-ndr
      What's your point in all this? Like do you want people to be taking acid all the time? I know for a fact the problems it causes, it's not just "some famous person" or a friend of a friend, it happens to a large amount of people who take a lot of LSD... it changes people.... my friend burnt down his tent at a music festival with all his stuff in it when he was on acid a few years ago, is that the kinda high that I want? No... not fun and completely pointless... I'd rather do heroin.
    32. alx-ndr
      Misinformed? Tell me the last time you tried LSD? You're taking the biased opinion of the creators of a drug over the actual documented effects it has one people and how many people it's put in mental institutions... to name a few famous ones, Syd Barrett, Roky Erikson and Peter Green. There are countless cases of regular people, not just celebrities being admitted for permanent psychiatric treatment so it's not just limited to bands and musicians. It's a dangerous drug simply because it can affect one person for the trip and then he's ok then it might give another person recurring trips that take over their life... this is a stupid argument, it's a class A drug for a reason. I've taken other class A drugs without hesitation, but I would not take LSD nor would anyone I know...
    33. joal0503
    34. alx-ndr
      Meh can post as much evidence for it as you like... still guna take the experiences of friends and known heavy LSD users over the guy who created it. I bet he would be shit scared to take a strip of tabs in one too...
    35. OG1-KENOBI
      Sorry to see you slip into 2nd rep place fella..

      My condolences.
    36. varock
    37. DROPKICK
      Sounds great to me. I have most of the equipment already.
    38. theOGnoob
      Dear joal

      I fapped to your sig.
    39. Scouse
      hugs and kisses
    40. Scouse
      i'd still bang her every where now.

      She fit as fuck, but thick as fuck.
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    neurotics build castles in the sky, psychotics live in them, and people like me just pretend to live in them.

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