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5 Crazy Custom Classes (That's alliteration boys & girls)

Discussion in 'Black Ops Guides' started by Dr Greencrack, Mar 10, 2011.

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  1. Dr Greencrack

    Dr Greencrack Recruit


    These are five classes that I regularly use in Black Ops. They are extremely helpful and all serve there own individual purposes. Hope they help.

    Primary: Famas
    Attachment: Suppressor
    Secondary: Python (Speed Reloader)
    LG: Semtex
    TG: Concussion
    Equipment: Motion sensor
    Perk1: Ghost Pro
    Perk2: Sleight of Hand Pro
    Perk3: Ninja Pro
    Why : Well firstly the famas is the best gun in the game. Its accuracy, predictable recoil, damage and rate of fire just make it an unstoppable gun. It works really well with the suppressor. In my opinion the suppressor is by far the best attachment in the game. Obviously it works well with ghost and ninja, both adding to your level of stealth. Your opponents will not be able to sense your presence. And this lack of awareness of your presence enables you to reek havoc on your enemies. Also if you have headphones ninja pro increases your awareness. as you hear footsteps better. And sleight of hand is just awesome.

    Primary: Spectre
    Attachments: Suppressor & Grip
    Secondary: M1911 (Dual Wield)
    LG: Semtex
    TG: Flash grenades
    Equipment: Motion sensor
    Perk1: Scavenger Pro
    Perk2: Warlord Pro
    Perk3: Tactical Mask Pro
    Why: This is a great class, its speciality being storming buildings full to the brim of boring campers. The way this class works is you have three flash grenades with warlord and you use these grenades to flash and then kill enemies in buildings. The scavenger replenishes your flash grenades and the tactical mask not only stops you being flashed but tells you by a small indicator on your screen where the whimpering flashed enemies are situated in the room. The motion sensor is helpful as you can check for enemies in the buildings aswell as there location. The spectre is a nice choice of gun as its rate of fire is extremely high so you can quickly kill an enemy to move on to the next. The attachments are open to change.

    Primary: Ak74u
    Attachment: Rapid Fire
    Secondary: Ballistic Knife
    LG: Frag Grenade
    TG: Concussion grenade
    Equipment: Claymores
    Perk1: Lightweight Pro
    Perk2: Steady Aim Pro
    Perk3: Marathon Pro
    Why : Ok the Ak47u is a great gun. Seriously versatile and by far the best submachine gun. Now this is a rushing class. With lightweight and marathon you can zoom around the level destroying your opponents in a morale crushing onslaught of bullets and speed. Also lightweight pro is fun as you can be the ultra ninja jumping off a rooftop while shooting some poor unsuspecting red guy and not feel any damage from the landing of the fall. Steady Aim works because the increased hip fire accuracy is great for the close quarters combat and the pro gives you quick aiming down the sight when sprinting (something you will be doing a lot of with this class). Ballistic knife is great as the steady aim pro also gives you reduced knife lunge time. So when you run out of ammo with the ak74u you can go on an insane knife streak turning you into a sadistic maniac. Oh and the concussion grenades, as they are much faster to throw and the claymores because you can use them to block the path behind you so enemies can’t follow you, great for reloading.

    Primary: Stoner
    Attachment: Extended Mags
    Secondary: Strella 3
    LG: Semtex
    TG: Decoys
    Equipment: Motion Sensor
    Perk1: Flak Jacket Pro
    Perk2: Hardened Pro
    Perk3: Hacker Pro
    Why: This is the no bullshit class. You are a walking/shooting shield when using this class. Flak Jacket, as no pointless explosive deaths such as RCXD. Hardened, for its pro benefit, reducing flinch when being shot. This is when you are shooting at someone and they shoot you and you move off them. This is so beneficial I can’t stress its helpfulness. Hardened does also give you higher bullet penetration which goes well with a LMG. And hacker so you don’t show up on motion sensors. Aswell as being able to avoid turrets and other equipment like claymores. The attachment extended mags has a bonus with the Stoner. Instead of having 50% more ammo you get 100% which is ridiculously good. Strella 3, to takedown air support and decoys for distractions and traps.

    Primary: Stakeout
    Attachment: Grip
    Secondary: RPG
    LG: Tomahawk
    TG: Concussion
    Equipment: Jammer
    Perk1: Hardline
    Perk2: Scout
    Perk3: Marathon
    Why: Shotguns aren’t great in blackops but this class is a nice one. The RPG is used as you have a ranged weapon when needed, Same reason for using the tomahawk. Scout because you can, switch to your RPG faster, pick up a weapon of the ground faster, switch to that weapon faster. For example you pick up a sniper, you now have a sniper with a shotgun secondary. And you can cycle between them a lightning speed. You can also throw grenades/ use your kill streaks and equipment faster. Marathon is used to shorten the distance between you and your opponent. Essential with a shotgun. And jammer so you can rid your enemies of there equipment and radar when entering your shotty domain.
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  2. Le Mort Kitty

    Le Mort Kitty Recruit


    Boring. AK74u and Famas are not crazy. Change Famas for M16, and 74u for MP5k.
    EDIT: Second though, Famas for enfield. Enfield has smg draw time too, so you'll have the jump on opponents.
  3. Dr Greencrack

    Dr Greencrack Recruit


    im not trying for them to be different, i'm trying for them to be the best
  4. Rayge

    Rayge Major General


    green, decent lists, pretty grievous typo in your third list that could confuse people: you mention the 'ak-47u' which i'm pretty sure is a transposition.

    I personally run with the stoner/strella, and while hacker pro is good, you're going to be showing up on the map all the time anyways (no silencer), so that lessens the benefit of the motion sensor invisibility. I like tac mask pro and jammer for my setup. I feel that jammer really compliments the Mgun's lack of speed and high visibility.
  5. Tylk

    Tylk Specialist


    Swap out Hardline for Scavenger Pro, RPG for the LAW and this gets much better. The LAW locks on to vehicles and with Scavenger Pro gets 2 shots to start, enough to take down any air support. Scavenger Pro also will keep those Tomahawks replenished without having to run over and pick it back up.
  6. CyberShotz

    CyberShotz 8th Prestige


    4 month bump. We have a winner.

    Please don't bump next time.
  7. Grusy

    Grusy General


    Then why use the stakeout over the spas?
  8. artifact123

    artifact123 Lieutenant General


    Wow, so orginal. However, you forgot the L96A1 and Galil.

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