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Anyone else connection been laggy the last month?

Discussion in 'Black Ops 3 Multiplayer Discussion' started by Black Oops, May 1, 2016.

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  1. Black Oops

    Black Oops Major General


    Ever since the updates to Black Ops 3 my connection is more laggy and I am getting more host losing connections than before. When BO3 dropped for me the connection was pretty damn good.

    Keep in mind I always got a new NETGEAR modem to replace my old one. And I tested the speeds online and in the PS4 and they are almost triple higher than with the older modem. My router is average its a belkin and I am wired connected, what could be the problem? Or is this a issue on their end? (treyarch)
  2. Carlos

    Carlos 2nd Lieutenant


    Could be a lot of factors. Mostly its dedicated/hybrid servers. You're not the only one who has experienced major lag in some places. I went into a match of BO3 a few weeks ago, and the lag was so horrible that I think one of the players was lagswitching. It was unplayable.

    I was just in a match yesterday and I saw someone "skip." If I am honest, I think someone's forcing connections because everyone else was behaving as normal. In that particular fight, I had 3-4 players coming through the door and I caught one skipping frames. I reported them all, to leave to the [Treyarch] staff to figure out which one of those folks cheated.
  3. Black Oops

    Black Oops Major General


    Yea it's been so bad I don't even want to play it for awhile, i'm getting skipped frames and jumpyness to, it wasn't this bad before

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