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Battlefield 1’s sniper decoy sure will make your enemies feel silly

Discussion in 'Battlefield 1 News' started by OUTL4W, Oct 17, 2016.

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  1. OUTL4W

    OUTL4W ______________


    Gadgets can be used to play silly buggers and still be super useful.
    Battlefield 1 is out this week, leaving plenty of time to do a little homework on all of the classes before it drops.

    One of the more interesting gadgets revealed is the decoy for the Scout class. Snipers can be a thorn in the side for many players, and this gadget will turn them into a full-on briar patch.

    If you thought having your head shot off in the middle of an epic action sequence was mortifying, how about getting a perfect headshot on a camping sniper only to have your face implode a moment later courtesy of a bullet from your actual foe. That’s right. You just fell for the old head-on-a-stick routine. And now you’re dead.

    The decoy looks ridiculous close-up but from a distance, it gives off the sniper glint and if you’ve positioned it strategically, it’ll look like a head peeking out, just begging to be shot.

    What’s more, the enemy player that destroys your decoy will be marked so you can swiftly dispose of them before setting out more bait.

    Battlefield 1 is out for PC, PS4, and Xbox One on October 21.


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