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Battlefield 1 achievements reveal some interesting campaign collectables

Discussion in 'Battlefield 1 News' started by OUTL4W, Oct 12, 2016.

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  1. OUTL4W

    OUTL4W ______________

    You can start planning which achievements to shoot for first in Battlefield 1.


    Battlefield 1 is due for launch next week, but you can play it starting tomorrow.

    As usual, as we get closer to big game launches, the list of in-game achievements and trophies start popping up. It’s the same with Battlefield 1, which has a sort of unremarkable achievements, save for one.

    Basically, the vast majority of these are awarded for reaching multiplayer ranks, getting kills in certain ways, earning medals, and finishing single-player missions. There are 31 in total, and you can see them all below.

    The interesting one I managed to find is called ‘Mightier than the Shovel’ and you get it for finding a hidden cavalry sword and using it to take down an enemy on the French countryside. This is a campaign achievement, as you may have guessed, but the description doesn’t mention which one exactly has this sword hidden.

    The list also reveals that the campaign will feature a Call of Duty-style (possibly) hidden collectables called Codex Entries. There are also Field Manuals, though we’re not sure what these are.

    Here they are, via True Achievements.

    • Support Enlistment – Reach Support Rank 2 in multiplayer (80 GS)
    • Scout Enlistment – Reach Scout Rank 2 in multiplayer (80 GS)
    • Up close and personal – Perform a melee kill on 10 enemies anywhere in the campaign (10 GS)
    • The hills of Gallipoli – Unlock all Codex Entries in The Runner (40 GS)
    • Catching up on some reading – Collect one Field Manual in the campaign (10 GS)
    • The War to End All Wars – Complete the campaign on Hard difficulty (40 GS)
    • The Great War – Complete the campaign on Normal difficulty (10 GS)
    • Mightier than the shovel – Find the hidden Cavalry Sword and take down an enemy on the French countryside in the campaign (10 GS)
    • Operations – Win 1 Operation in multiplayer (10 GS)
    • Play the Objective – Complete 25 Squad Orders in multiplayer (10 GS)
    • Counter-sniper – Using a bolt action rifle, kill an enemy Scout in multiplayer (10 GS)
    • Corporal – Reach Rank 10 in multiplayer (10 GS)
    • Warbonds – Earn 450 Warbonds in multiplayer (10 GS)
    • Medic Enlistment – Reach Medic Rank 2 in multiplayer (80 GS)
    • Assault Enlistment – Reach Assault Rank 2 in multiplayer (80 GS)
    • Enough for a library – Collect all Field Manuals in the campaign (80 GS)
    • Triple Boluk-Bashi – Kill all 3 Ottoman officers in Young Men’s Work with melee kills in the campaign (40 GS)
    • Up to the challenge – Complete one challenge in the campaign (10 GS)
    • Sound of thunder – Unlock all Codex Entries in Through Mud and Blood (40 GS)
    • Conquering the mountains – Unlock all Codex Entries in Avanti Savoia! (40 GS)
    • Putting in the effort – Complete 10 challenges in the campaign (40 GS)
    • Master of adaptation – Complete all challenges in the campaign (80 GS)
    • Nothing is Written – Complete Nothing is Written (10 GS)
    • Through Mud and Blood – Complete Through Mud and Blood (10 GS)
    • Decorated – Reach Rank 1 with all 4 Infantry classes in multiplayer (40 GS)
    • Friends in High Places – Complete Friends in High Places (10 GS)
    • Taking down giants – Unlock all Codex Entries in Friends in High Places (40 GS)
    • All men dream – Unlock all Codex Entries in Nothing is Written (40 GS)
    • Avanti Savoia! – Complete Avanti Savoia! (10 GS)
    • The Runner – Complete The Runner (10 GS)
    • Shock Wave – Kill 5 enemies by using dynamite in the campaign (10 GS)

    Battlefield 1 releases October 21 worldwide on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.


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