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Battlefield 1 gameplay: Conquest on The St. Quentin Scar

Discussion in 'Battlefield 1 Forum' started by boourns, Jun 28, 2016.

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  1. boourns

    boourns Excellent!


    not the greatest gameplay the guy is pretty shit and it seems to be a smaller server (not 64 players) but none the less it shows what the game is like and the graphics etc

    upon reading the youtube comments there seems to be people annoyed that there is so many black soldiers in the game given it's a WW1 title. I think the annoyance is coming from the fact they are not putting women in the game for historical authenticity yet from what i've read on reddit in the alpha the British side only has one white player as the support class (apparently even Germany has 2 black soldiers in it's classes)
    Last edited: Jun 28, 2016
  2. ZANDIT001



    Looks exactly like I first thought it would. Snipers paradise.
    The buildings right at the very start of the clip look too square and neat. They don't have enough character, and look unfinished. Sure, this is probably Pre-alpha gameplay, but I don't see that much changing between now and when it is released.
  3. boourns

    boourns Excellent!


    i don't think it will be snipers paradise or at least no more than previous battlefield games have been and they are easy to deal with

    the guy playing is a bit of a camper though

    found this as well it shows off a few more guns etc

    EVERYONEDIES Lieutenant General


    I have preordered this game. I have been playing a bit of Battle field 4 to prepare myself for the battle field experience. But I have to say for being a 1.3kd COD player im terrible at battle field. I have like .6 k/d. Im trying to get better. Anyone have tips about battle field?
  5. boourns

    boourns Excellent!


    Stick with your squad it not only gives you a spawn point but if the squad has the right classes (medic support etc) you can be healed resupplied or revived quickly

    When your in a squad that is not playing together you lose good spawn points and are not easily healed etc and makes you spawn on just one guy or at a flag

    Besides that its almost all down to teamwork with the squad and the rest of the team and not doing things like going lone wolf as you just get smashed if you run into a tank
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  6. slowdive1967

    slowdive1967 4th Prestige

    Just FYI Battlefield 4 is only £4.00 on psn store, offer expires today (wednesday)

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