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Black Ops 2 Zombie Die Rise Competition With Prizes

Discussion in 'Black Ops 2 Zombies' started by MrCaffiene82, Feb 25, 2013.

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  1. MrCaffiene82

    MrCaffiene82 Recruit


    Cool Competition For All You Die Rise players With Prizes To Be Won Have A Look At This Video Below

    1st Place 4000 Microsoft Points or Playstation/PC equivilent
    2nd Place 2000 Microsoft Points or Playstation/PC equivilent

    Link Below


    Or search on youtube or google for Die Rise Zombies Sniper Competition With Pizes

    The Competition is to Get to the highest level on die rise using only the below weapons Only On Single Player/Solo Play

    Sniper Rifle (Including Any Sniper From The Box)
    Hand Gun you Start With
    Trample Steam
    You can use the Packapunch machine & Perk Machines

    Competition Ends 22nd March 2013. 3 entries per person details and instructions in the description on the youtube page http://youtu.be/a5LF3c5GmqQ

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