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Call of Duty: WWII Update 1.11 Now Out, Brings the Changes That People Want (Update)

Discussion in 'CoD:WWII' started by OUTL4W, Mar 13, 2018.

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  1. OUTL4W

    OUTL4W ______________



    Just as we’ve reported earlier today, Sledgehammer Games has rolled out a new Call of Duty: WWII game update, and it has a lot of things included that should please WWII players. One of the key changes coming to the game, which, while it might not affect the gameplay directly, is how Supply Drops are handled.

    Clocking in at 3.5GB on the PlayStation 4, Call of Duty: WWII update 1.11 brings the new Operation: Shamrock & Awe event, which means new weapons, new outfits and more! The gameplay tweaks for this Call of Duty: WWII update isn’t out just yet, but rest assured, the moment Sledgehammer releases it, we’ll update the post.

    We’ve posted about it before, but just in case you need a refresher, here’s the new changes coming to how Call of Duty: WWII handles Supply Drops and rewards.

    • Increased Number of Weapons & Premium Content per Update – We’re adding new ranged weapons, more cosmetic weapon variants, and themed uniforms with a commitment to double-down on these categories moving forward so you’ll be able to get more of the content you want.
    • More Ways to Earn Weapons – We are offering a variety of paths to obtain the most-wanted weapons and weapon variants in-game as more will be made available via Orders and Contracts, in addition to existing Weapon Collections and Supply Drops.
    • Lowered Duplicate Rates – We are reducing the frequency of duplicates you’ll receive within Supply Drops to deliver more new content in every drop.
    • Rebalanced Category Reward Rates – This will ensure you are getting a wider variety of content categories within every drop, which will make the unboxing experience more satisfying (we heard you on what it feels like to get triple duplicate pistol grips).
    • New Special Orders – We heard your feedback on certain weapons being available only via Common Supply Drops and how hard they are to get. We are moving these into Special Orders so that they are easier to access.
    • New Categories of Items – You will have more ways to customize your solider and loadout with the introduction of weapon charms, camos, and reticles.
    • Content Changes – We are removing gold foil calling cards, and won’t be adding new pistol grips to the loot pool.
    • Armory Drops – We are adding a new Supply Drop type “Armory Drops” which will function a lot like Bribes but can be obtained for Armory Credits to provide yet another way to get the content you’re after.

    Stay tuned for the official patch notes which we’ll post about ASAP.

  2. FPS 24/7

    FPS 24/7 I am your Bot God


    A new patch update — version 1.11 — for Call of Duty: WWII is now live on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The update is a 3.52GB.

    The new update brings the new Operation Shamrock and Awe content, the previously announced Quartermaster changes, and more. There’s also a new HQ tab available in the menus. Shipment, from COD4, has been added.



    • Updates to loot system
    • Operation: Shamrock & Awe Community Event in MP and Zombies
    • New content (weapons, camos, uniforms, charms, reticles, etc)
    • Shipment 1944 (available Season Pass holders today, and for free for non-Season Pass holders starting March 16th)
    • Prop Hunt on DLC maps


    Connectivity/Spawns/Performance/Split Screen/Mechanics

    • Fixed issue in Hardcore where players were able to rejoin a match from which they were just kicked
    • Fixed issue where Player 2 in split screen on a guest account was being kicked to Local Play when creating first loadout Offline
    • Fixed issue where players were crashing when equipping Scorestreaks
    • Fixed issue where players crash after accepting invites to a public War match
    • Fixed issue where matches were not starting properly from Featured playlists
    • Fixed loss of functionality issue when players return to MP Menu after completing match in Local Play


    • Fixed map exploits on Gustav Cannon and Occupation
    • Fixed error when loading into a Custom TDM match on Anthropoid

    Party System/HQ

    • Fixed issue where upon opening supply drops from the Options menu while in HQ, players would sometimes be transported to another part of HQ
    • Fixed issue where players were unable to abandon Orders when in Major Howard’s menu


    • Various UI fixes and improvements (split screen, text descriptions, in-game store, menu tabs, Firing Range, missing/incorrect icons, Division slots, Soldier stats, widgets, text overlap)
    • Fixed issue where “My Emblems” tab was not informing players of how many emblem slots they had left
    • Fixed issue where green star notification in the Dossier menu was not disappearing for Calling Cards section


    • Fixed issue where players would hear the sound of a truck driving when loading into HQ


    • Fixed issue where unlocking new Scorestreaks also equips them when players have three already equipped
    • Fixed issue where players were able to reload the Combat Shotgun past the max amount of ammo
    • Fixed explosive scorestreaks behavior underwater
    • Nerfed the Volkssturmgewehr (Increased recoil and decreased damage range to be more on par with other rifles in its class)


    • Pushed through some fixes for issue where players were losing MMR
    • Fixed issue where when Player 1 (party leader) leaves a lobby, Player 2 will not be automatically pulled out with Player 1
    • Various UI fixes and improvements (icons, menu tabs)
    • Fixed issue where when one player is kicked for inactivity, remaining players were also kicked


    • Fixed issues with lobby placement
    • Fixed UI issues with Soldier tab and MLG Divisions
    • Fixed issue where Team two (Axis)’s objective colors were not updating properly
    • Fixed issue where some restricted items were still able to be equipped


    • Various UI fixes and improvements (menu displays, description text, weapon personalization, text overlap, unlock requirements)
    • Fixed issue in TDS where some players who were revived were teleported out of playable area
    • Fixed issue where upgraded camo was not displaying for various weapons
    • Fixed issues with Wüstling and other zombies pathing and behavior
    • Fixed functionality issues with 9mm SAP
    • Fixed issues with upgrading the Ripsaw
    • Fixed issue where Pommel grenade fails to regenerate uses
    • Eliminated fall damage (meaning, it can no longer take your armor)
    • Reduced “red screen of death” opacity to make it less obfuscating


    The post Patch Update 1.11 for Call of Duty: WWII now live appeared first on Charlie INTEL.


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