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Destiny 2: all Warlock Dawnblade subclass skills and abilities

Discussion in 'Destiny News' started by Scouse, May 20, 2017.

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  1. Scouse

    Scouse Activison Ambassador


    The Dawnblade is the Sunsinger’s replacement for the Warlock in Destiny 2. Find out all about it here.

    Bungie officially unveiled the three new subclasses Destiny 2 will bring to the Titan, Hunter, and Warlock classes we know from the first game. These are the Sentinel, Arcstrider, and Dawnblade respectively.

    Not much is known about the Arcstrider, and the Sentinel just yet, but the build of the game everyone got to play at Destiny 2’s reveal event did show off the Warlock’s new Dawnblade subclass. Dawnblade will be the new Solar subclass, replacing the Sunsinger.

    In his video above, Alex shows off the full skill tree for the Dawnblade, as well as the new Super move. If you missed it, he did similar videos for the upgraded Titan Striker, and Hunter Gunslinger.

    The skill page’s layout is the same, with your Super icon in the middle, and everything else taking shape around it. Your grenade options occupy the top, and the different jumps the bottom. You have your two passive skill trees with four nodes each. This is where things get granular.

    • Super: Daybreak

    • Press R1+L1 to weave Solar Light into blades and smite your foes from the skies

    • Grenades

    • Solar Grenade:
      A grenade that creates a flare of Solar Light which continually damages enemies trapped inside
    • Firebolt Grenade:
      A grenade that unleashes bolts of Solar Light at nearby enemies
    • Fusion Grenade:
      An explosive grenade that causes bonus damage when attached to its target

    • Class ability: Rifts

    • Healing Rift:
      Conjure a well of Light that continually heals those inside it
    • Empowering Rift:
      Conjure a well of Light that increases the attack power of those inside it

    • Jumps

    • Balanced Glide:
      Glide jump ability provides bonuses to both speed and control
    • Focused Burst:
      Glide jump ability provides an initial burst of speed
    • Controlled Glide:
      Glide jump ability provides better directional control while in the air

    • Passive skill tree 1

    • Phoenix Dive:
      Auickly descend from mid-air and regenerate health
    • Skyfire:
      When Daybreak is active, descend causes explosive damage when you land
    • Risen Angel:
      While in the air, aim your weapon to hover in pace for a short time. Dealing Precision damage will extend this effect’s duration
    • Igniting Touch:
      A powerful melee ability that ignites enemies and causes them to explode

    • Passive skill tree 2

    • Firestarter :
      A powerful melee ability that damages enemies while also increasing your movement and reload speed
    • Wild Fire:
      Engage your enemies in mid-flight. Fire weapons and throw grenades while gliding
    • Everlasting Flames:
      Killing an enemy with Daybreak extends its duration
    • Blazing Dash:
      Dodge in mid-air
    Destiny 2 is out September 8 on PS4, and Xbox One. The PC version does not have a release date just yet.

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