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Does this happen to anyone else?!

Discussion in 'Black Ops 3 Multiplayer Discussion' started by rc10mike, May 30, 2016.

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  1. rc10mike

    rc10mike Lieutenant General


    You're playing a team based game mode where you have 1 guy on the enemy team who is always doing well.

    He stays in the lobby match after match and is always top of the enemy team.

    Then, matchmaking finally puts this guy on your team! You think "Im glad to have him on my team"

    Suddenly hes a total noob, goes negative, and quits.

    I see this all of the time, wondering if anyone else does?
  2. Tuff

    Tuff Machine Gun Cody


    Not exactly this. I was playing DOM this weekend and a guy on the other team is going 61-6 with 12 caps (or something like that) He is a prestige Master level 300 something. I check his combat record and he has a .85kd with a .5 win loss ratio? WTF? This was like 10 games in a row. I was never put on his team. They were close games too so I don't think he had a significant lag advantage either.
  3. rc10mike

    rc10mike Lieutenant General


    Probably a glitched MP is my guess. Even the actual good players do it.

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