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GTA 5 - How to Use the Stock Market (Story Mode)

Discussion in 'FPS Central' started by slowdive1967, Oct 15, 2013.

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  1. slowdive1967

    slowdive1967 4th Prestige

    So i found this handy info. As i never took full advantage of this when playing the story mode, im tempted to do it again on my alt account.

    Anyway....here we go:

    1 The day to day basics

    This guide will require that you play through the game and finish the story before starting the remaining non-essential Lester missions (the Lifeinvader and Hotel assassinations must be completed as part of the plot). However you can still take a risk and try making some cash on the side if you pay attention to trends and behaviours in stock market fluctuations. If you’re lucky you can boost your final cash reserve to invest at the end. Bear in mind the stock market begins trading at 8am every day so keep an eye on the time when trading, sleeping if you want to advance.

    Assuming you do nothing in-game to affect a company, most stocks and shares follow a patten of peaks and troughs. Usually a price will hit a low before entering a rebound phase – rising and entering a brief window of prosperity before dropping again.

    Reading these ups and downs is a good way to predict trends and the best times to ‘buy low, sell high’. The key thing is to watch things like previous peaks and times of day or week when things change so you’re not still invested if the price dips.

    However there are exceptions. For example some share prices fluctuate so uniformly and regularly that investment rarely yields a satisfactory return. You might not lose any money but you won’t make enough to warrant the effort. Check the ‘% change’ in the stock information to see what the shares are doing. If a company regular changes by a small amount it’s not worth it. This can also help you predict when a rebound peak is due to end – the % change will be high initially as the shares grow, then the percentage decreases as the growth slows, indicating that a plateau is coming and you should sell before the prices fall.

    2 Affecting the market

    Almost every company listed has a rivalry. When one organisation is profitable, the other often enters a slump and this can be used as additional info when playing the market. This is the list of in game competitors:

    Bilkington – DollarPills
    Burgershot / Up-An-Atom
    CoolBeans / BeanMachine
    Clucking Bell / TacoBomb
    eCola – Raine
    FlyUS – AirEmu
    GoPostal – PostOP
    MazeBank – BankOfLiberty
    Pisswasser – Logger
    Redwood – Debonaire
    Slaughter, Slaughter & Slaughter – Bullhead
    RadioLosSantos – WorldwideFM

    There is some evidence that you can affect prices in game by attacking or destroying company assets. This is uncertain with some claiming it has no effect (and even going as far to say it’s been entirely debunked) and others saying the results are unpredictable.

    The theory, however, states that if you go on a killing spree outside an Up-An-Atom then its shares will fall and Burgershots should rise. Not only can you make money from Burgershot’s gain (buying before the carnage and selling after), you can monitor Up-An-Atom and wait for it’s recovery rebound and turn a profit there. Destroying company trucks also allegedly affects prices.

    It’s also suggested that company’s like AuguryInsurance or MorsMutualInsurance enter a boom phase when you start killing people or running them over in great numbers. Far less likely is the idea you can somehow affect CoolBeans or BeanMachine prices by killing people drinking coffee the street.

    One thing that does seem less controversial is monitoring and investing in companies involved in heists or missions can yield potentially high returns. For example one of Michael’s jobs involves creating a bloodbath in an airport. Something that crashes the share prices of FlyUs. Invest after the mission’s done and wait till the prices bounces back.

    Step 3: Getting the most money from heists

    Most of the decisions you make in GTA 5′s heist planning actually play out predetermined options. Picking certain crew members more or less guarantees certain outcomes so you can actually maximise your take by making specific choices. Going for cheaper people can, in some cases, reduce the cut you give up with almost no noticeable change in success.
    The jewel store heist

    Use option B, the ‘smart’ approach and this crew:

    Hacker – Rickie Lukens (he’ll give you all the time you need to strip the store).
    Gunman – Packie Mcreary (unlocked from a random mission near Franklin’s house. His performance is as good as the more expensive options but takes a smaller cut. Don’t get Norm Richards as he’ll crash and loose his take.)
    Driver – Karim Denz (cheaper but will make the escape harder as he gets the wrong bikes).

    The Merryweather Heist

    You make no actual money here so it doesn’t really matter what you do.
    The Paleto Score

    There’s no best approach here as far as final cut goes. Assuming you used Packie last time then get him along again as he’ll have a slight stat boost and still be cheap. Also choose Chef over Mota as you’ll get an equivalent performance for less money. Norm Richards or Daryl Johns will get killed mid-mission and lose their part of the take.
    The Bureau Raid

    Choose the roof entry option here and this crew:

    Hacker – Rickie Lukens
    Gunman – Norm Richards
    Driver – Taliana Martinez or Karim Denz

    The Union Depository

    Take the ‘obvious’ approach here, option B, which will net you a higher take overall, and use this crew:

    Driver / helicopter – Taliana Martinez,
    Driver / Train – Karim Denz,
    Gunman x 2 – The cheapest you have. They affect neither the income or the outcome of the mission.

    Again you’re hiring people who do a good enough job without taking more money.

    4. Lester’s missions: the big bucks.

    As I mentioned before, save Lester’s side missions until the end of the game, except for the two you have to do (the Lifeinvader and Hotel jobs). You can still make money from these two missions but you want to save the rest for when you’ve done the final heist and have the most amount of capitol to play with. That way you can make millions instead of thousands. The key thing is to watch for rebound and percentages. The closer you get to the ‘peak’ when you sell the bigger your return. If you’re in any doubt sell, as if you miss and enter into a slump you could lose a huge amount of zeroes.
    1 Finish the game

    Play the game as normal, completing the Liveinvader missions which can’t be avoided. You’ll also have to complete the The Hotel Assassination which is your first chance to make some cash, although not that much as you don’t have a huge fund to play with:

    1.1 The Hotel Assassination

    The hotel job is playing Bilkington and Betta Pharmaceuticals off each other. So do the following:

    Before the mission

    Invest in BettaPharmaceuticals

    After the mission

    Sell BettaPharmaceuticals
    Buy Bilkington and sell once it rebounds.

    2. Complete Lester’s remaining missions

    If you’ve invested well, chosen the right crew and not done anything too stupid you could have up to $40 million to invest with each character. Here’s where you take a deep breath and plunge it all in the right portfolios before and after a job. Remember to keep an eye on time, sleeping if you need to advance the clock and watch for those rebounds. Miss a peak and you could lose a lot of money.
    Lester mission 3: The Multi Target Assassination

    Companies being played: Redwood and Debonaire.

    Before the mission

    Invest in Debonaire

    After the mission

    Sell Debonaire
    Buy Redwood and sell once it rebounds.

    Lester mission 3: The Vice Assassination

    Companies being played: Facade and Fruit.

    Before the mission

    Invest in Fruit

    After the mission

    Sell Fruit
    Buy Facade and sell once it rebounds.

    Lester mission 4: The Bus Assassination

    Company being played: Vapid only.

    Before the mission

    No investment.

    After the mission

    Buy Vapid and sell once it rebounds.

    Lester mission 4: The Construction Assassination

    Company being played: GoldCoasts only.

    Before the mission

    No investment.

    After the mission

    Buy GoldCoasts and sell once it rebounds.

    So there you go. There are reports of smart investors making $1-2 billion and upwards. That golf course suddenly seems a lot more obtainable.

    Phew! Source OPM: http://www.officialplaystationmagaz...market-with-lesters-missions-best-heist-crew/
  2. IshTing

    IshTing Stuff And Things


    I tried investing in AirEmu some weeks back and went on a rampage destroying FlyUS planes. The stock market wasn't affected.

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