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Hardcore TDM/Other matchtypes

Discussion in 'Black Ops 3 Multiplayer Discussion' started by Carlos, Apr 18, 2016.

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  1. Carlos

    Carlos 2nd Lieutenant


    Okay, so I played Black Ops 3 with MR QMR Q and some other guy (I think slowdive?) I'm trying to try something different, and learn how to play hardcore TDM (and/or other hardcore matchtypes).

    Here are the Pros and Cons of Hardcore [Insert matchtype here]:


    - Killcam is turned off completely, leaving you to figure out where is the next time you get to kill him.
    - Kills are quicker.


    - If you kill your team-mate, it's friendly fire, and you get a negative point for it.
    - If you kill your team-mate, 3 times, you're kicked. Along with your team.

    Problems in Hardcore:

    - Because of anonymity (since killcam is turned off), spawn trapping is a HUGE problem. Spawn Trapping is when someone either goes straight to the spawn point, or chokes the spawn point and kills you/your team.
    - You have to "tread carefully" before shooting someone, because even if you shoot your teammates by accident, the punishment is all the same. So, this means if you throw bombs, you took a blind risk.
    - Thrust Jumps adds unpredictable kills to the mix, so your friendly fires causes accidents.
    - Nametags don't appear quickly as they should, which adds fire to the accidents.

    There was some lag, but eh, that applies to any kind of mode... Any ideas? Comments, tips, or whatnot?
  2. ZANDIT001



    I only play HC, and mostly only TDM because I can't get a game on the other modes way down here in little ole Tasmania.
    I can't stand Core modes, they are sooooo slow. I like the fast paced action. Yes, getting booted is a problem, but I don't play in parties because, again, connection is shit when teamed up.
    Camping is pretty bad, but with the amount of flexibility with your movements, it's pretty easy to bypass and flank 'em.
    The War Machine is particularly dangerous, but then again any weapon is basically a one hit kill.
    You see some crazy high scores mostly by one or two individuals. Thankfully, except for the odd game, they are normally pretty close matches.
  3. Tuff

    Tuff Machine Gun Cody


    When I play HC I equip no Grenades. Spam UAV and equip stock. I tend to rack up more kills/higher streaks in HC on BO3. I tend to have quick reflexes so that works for me in HC.
  4. MR Q

    MR Q PSN id: mashupman

    Really enjoying hardcore atm. Just a much faster pace that makes it a bit more enjoyable. I only started because I thought fuck it, I'm gonna level up all me assault rifles and it's better in hardcore to get those all important headshots for the challenges.
  5. Carlos

    Carlos 2nd Lieutenant


    I forgot about that!

    How can I forget fucking camping. Oh, right, because they're pests. It's worse in HC than other game types. Flanking them or killing them in a Combine room (the sniper area upstairs), is a fucking pain in my ass. Because the camper will stand/sit in a particular position to make sure they have a wide view, and giving you an impossible way to kill 'em.
  6. theycallmeBruce

    theycallmeBruce General


    i like hardcore, killcam's gone but if you pay attention during your death animation the camera changes angle to your character and the cause of your death behind. suppose i'll bullet point things i like in case it helps but fair warning i'm no [GOAT] xzelite/youtube starzx

    streaks with auto lock are not fool proof but better than that big bomb sweep one (forget the name) or the like. i tend to run UAV, sentry and is it dragonfire? the RC heli type thing

    i never need scavenger and doubles/triples aplenty

    because of friendly fire i'm more selective with my shootin' but does not help in core. unfortunately my amateur status does not allow me to change my thought process accordingly so i tend to stick to HC

    bolt actions lose their OHK advantage so i tend to stay away from them, i can't 'ard scope to save my life and enjoy rushing with snipers to go to core if i want to play with them - my only time in core
  7. Black Oops

    Black Oops Major General


    First started playing COD on Core, but Gradually started playing hardcore and fell in love with it. IMO it should be the default game mode and still to this day do not know why it receives so much bad backlash. It has it flaws, but I think core has more flaws and HC is more reflexed based
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