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Health in BO2

Discussion in 'Black Ops 2 Multiplayer Discussion' started by SNTRL, Nov 22, 2012.

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  1. SNTRL

    SNTRL 1st Lieutenant


    I want to start off by saying I use to play BO1 up til BO2. When I first started playing BO1, I didn't like how long it took to kill people compared to MW2, later when MW3 came out....I was literally getting sniped by SMG's while behind cover. I have pretty good reaction so in BO1 if i got shot peeping my head around a corner/or caught in mid reload...i might take a shot or 2 and get behind cover/better cover.

    True that in BO1 it sucked when someone barely got away, but sometimes I was that guy who barely got away. MW3 i couldn't do that at all, now in BO2 i can only if my opponent aim is screwed. It seems "to me" you take more damage then MW3 but less than BO1. I personally think BO1 health was perfect. Along with outgunning your opponent, you had to outsmart them. Currently BO2, you don't really have to think(there is some required admittedly)...just react. This current call of duty i had to re-learn to drop shot every time i see someone just out of reaction. It seems to me that this game is all about just reaction.

    I do believe how much damage you take has something to with how people play and the success of there play style. Again, BO1 not many people dropshotted, BO2 around(guessing) 70% of the players do. I recently adapted to the auto dropshot smg play style, Im actually doing alot better in BO2 now because of it. I still prefer a health increase to match BO1, yes I know it isnt going ot happen. Still I'm wondering how others feel about the damage in BO2?
  2. legendary439

    legendary439 Sergeant Major


    Health is always 100, what changes is the weapons and the damage they deal. I think the ARs in BO2 definitely do less damage than the ARs in MW3 .
  3. xInZax

    xInZax Lieutenant General


    I'm curious about the health in Hardcore mode. I still have yet to test it, but I feel like there is more than 30 health in Hardcore this time around. Anyone have any information about this?
  4. Jewfro Samurai

    Jewfro Samurai 7th Prestige


    All the more reason to be accurate and precise instead of spray and pray.

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