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just thought of something...

Discussion in 'Call of Duty: Black Ops General Discussion' started by Snopharo420, Mar 22, 2011.

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  1. Snopharo420

    Snopharo420 Command Sergeant


    in the next Call of Duty... they should definitely have grappling hooks and have the ability to repel up and down walls and if you repel down on top of someone you can snap their neck! lol it would add a new aspect to the game and it would make campers have to be more aware of their surroundings if someone can grapple up a wall... it would give people different ways to get to those campers ;)

    anyone else think this would be cool? :p
  2. Snopharo420

    Snopharo420 Command Sergeant


    P.S. i didn't know where to put this... so i just put it where i could.. hahaa my bad
  3. why would you choose to use a tool that just makes you a huge target hanging off of a wall? Practical applications (for a good player) for a grappling hook does not exist.
  4. Snopharo420

    Snopharo420 Command Sergeant


    i would use a grappling hook... i mean if they made it capable to shoot while grappling that would be badass! and made the climb/repel speed a little quicker.

    it would add versatility to the game.. maybe even change peoples playstyles..

    it's just an idea.. lol
  5. MrWeston

    MrWeston Colonel


    I would be happy without invisible barriers [not incl. the edge of the map].

    There are too many ledges that you should be able to climb on, but can't.
    If every part of every map was available to every person gameplay would be better.
    I'm only talking scaleable objects, not rock climbing shit, but it should be done.
  6. slip ups

    slip ups Colonel


    im not down with that idea, like someone else said you would just be an open target, and im sure if they made it so you can shoot while grappleing your accuracy wouldnt be very good.
  7. Uh, NO. Know how people like to camp on top of the tv's in the trailer on Firing Range? Multiply that by however many more surfaces would be available.
  8. MrWeston

    MrWeston Colonel


    I tend to expect peple to be there so do't get caught so much.

    Rather than TVs on trailers, I was thinking more along the lines of on top of trailers, buildings, cars.
    All of the map open to every person while camping would defintely come as a result, hoppnig from the trailer to the shack, across to the car, climbing on top of the container tunnel.
    Sounds fun to me.
  9. xDEADx



    Even though you would be an open target going up or down, it would be AWESOME to be able to reachthe roof of like... 6-7 story building. That would be the tradeoff, being open to be shot while climbing but being able to have the excellent cover of high ground. Perhaps it should be introduced as an equipment though, this would mean that you would have to use it rather than a claymore or motion sensor.

    Great idea.
  10. Nez1976

    Nez1976 Recruit


    Grappling hooks isnt such a bad idea. I had a thought this morning playing S&D cause I was the only player left on my team. I was using Lightweight as my first perk, but I had an idea that they make a perk that can actually make you change your clothing...for example..

    If you are using Hardline, then you see a dead enemy on the ground and he has a ghost perk, you can press and hold the X button like if you were planting a bomb, and now you have ghost (pro). However the only flaw about this perk is that you lose all your equipment and secondary weopons. Which leaves you only with your primary weopon.

    It would work great in games like S&D when you are the only player left and they use a spy plane, you can find a dead body that has ghost and switch clothing.

    I dont know...just my thought to spice the game up a little.
  11. Killa_Souljah

    Killa_Souljah Colonel


    wanna be bat man or something?
  12. belmonkey

    belmonkey Major


    With a grappling hook I could hang off the side of a cliff and pop up when an enemy comes nearby and stab them, or if there was a grabbing action, I could pull them over the edge. Of course the same thing could kinda work for the window of a building.

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