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Looking for AUSTRALIAN clan.

Discussion in 'I Want to Join a Clan' started by Tank Dempsey, Mar 25, 2011.

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  1. Tank Dempsey

    Tank Dempsey Captain


    My biography:

    -K/D is 1.16
    -Never camps
    -Plays all game modes ( except FFA )
    -Plays objective
    -Play Zombies
    -Is underage LOL

    My requirements:
    -Dosen't give a crap about age
    - Likes to have FUN
    -Dosen't force me to change my name to stuff like PWNAGE x cLanMeMbEr

    I like stealthy game types and prefer guns like
    FN FAL

    I am 5th prestige, Level 29.
  2. RaiderZ44

    RaiderZ44 Specialist


    Bio assassin kings is recruiting we are not all Australian but we do have Australian members.

    Bio Assassin Kings is actively recruiting! We are a squad-based clan that is for those on the Xbox 360 platform. You must fill out an application -- we will review this as well as your Combat Record and File Share (if applicable). Starting off, all new recruits will be a Grunt until we figure out the best placement for you. To determine your placement, we will play a few matches with you to see which strategies and tactics you use. Any and all members' privacy will be kept confidential unless you volunteer information. This is a mature clan -- we know how to have fun!

    We are also looking for members that we can trust to help us with the clan as far as functionality and operation.

    + Must have a kill/death ratio of at least 1.00
    + Must be 15+ years of age
    + Have a working mic and must speak English
    + Ability to join our forum for communication purposes
    + Must participate with the rest of the clan
    + Respectful to ALL gamers, including those not in the clan
    + Be an active gamer

    If you like what you've read, come to our web site!
    You'll need to register and click on "Recruitment" to apply.

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