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Most effective tactical equipment?

Discussion in 'Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer Discussion' started by Mogwai, Jan 25, 2012.

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  1. Mogwai

    Mogwai Major General


    I'm cure as to what you guys think is the most useful tactical equipment piece? I know they all can be useful given certain circumstances so I'm asking which has the broadest amount of circumstances it's useful for in your opinion?

    I was thinking the flash grenade might take it.. When coupled with recon it can really help you take people out who are chilling around corners and in rooms. But you gotta use a perk to be able to do it, so that's a decent drawback I guess. And flashbangs on their own aren't nearly as effective.

    I just started using the portable radar and I find it pretty useful. I don't even camp and I am benefiting from it a good bit... But I haven't used it enough yet to really say I think it's the most useful.

    EMP grenades are also pretty nice. Great for sentries and shit, but that's about it. They don't destroy air support or assault recons =\.. plus you only get one of them. The need for them seems to drastically decrease if you use blind eye too..

    Your opinion?
  2. Brofski

    Brofski Septic Schizo


    I use stuns.


    Never used anything else I don't think. Been like it since cod 4.
  3. Mogwai

    Mogwai Major General


    Stuns are nice.. But from my experience it's much easier to kill somebody while I'm stunned than while I'm flashed. Stuns also, from what I hear, have a significantly lower blast radius and I also feel like a good flash lasts longer than a good stun. I could be wrong on that stuff though, I've never really tried to test it in a controlled setting.

    I still used them though.. they're especially good if you're trying to catch up and get closer to somebody who is running.. so they're really effective with shotguns
  4. n0izef0x

    n0izef0x 1st Lieutenant


    I use smoke grenades on a regular basis just to provide cover for teams running into 'dangerous' areas or to obscure line of sights if I'm looking for somewhere to go prone. It does seem to attract enemy attention mind you, so I also use it to lure people out the woodwork.

    I didn't think the trophy system was worth anything until playing dropzone. Massive fan now.

    I can't stand flash grenades, but that's because I'm shit with them. I always end up blinding myself :(
  5. Razor777

    Razor777 A pretty princess.


    Portable radar on choke points, objective game modes or using it as you move about the map - throw it out, do a quick scan and then move on. Yeah some people use assassin pro but for whatever reason the vast majority don't racking up lots of kills for both you and your team.
  6. joal0503

    joal0503 10th Prestige


    the nice thing about stuns is that you can chuck em as far as you want and they wont detonate until the hit something...the other tac nades have airburst.

    but yea, they do have less of a blast radius, but that means a more consistent 'strong' effect. hitting somebody on the edge of a flash radius doesnt really do much at all.

    overall...i dunno, i use to whore up on tac nades all the time wit scavenger...now i just use flash, i have one emp class, but recon drones have kinda faded away so its not really as useful...

    concussion or flash for nades, or even portable radar ftw.
  7. Shotgun883

    Shotgun883 Colonel


    I stun myself too often, i used them exclusively in BO but now i dont.

    For me the Port Radar is diamond, I play alot of TDM and FFA and the fact the team can see it is amazing. I have this virtually as my only tactical item, i used a prestige token for it. For some reason though Assasin isnt a real issue, yeah some people use it but as long as you are not totally reliant on it its amazing, great for helping hold down HUGE area's on the map.

    Smoke has is uses, so does the trophy and EMP but for me the most consistently effective tactical item has to be the port radar.
  8. ForeverCarefree

    ForeverCarefree The Long Goodbye


    I use flash and concussion nades as they most suit my play style.

    I have used the trophy system which is really good but I always forget I have it equiped go to flash someone and start setting up the tripod instead often resulting in a death.

    You watch the kill cams and it looks like someone caught me setting up to take a family photo.
  9. PrincessOfPain

    PrincessOfPain 1st Lieutenant


    Stuns or portable radar, depending on my mood. I often forget to use either though. I do like just planting a radar on certain maps hidden behind/inside things/near objectives & just run off and do my thing. I hate that scavenger doen't resupply tacs (although it would suck if it did with these small maps) so alot of the time it's nicer to have a radar, more reuseable as I try and stay alive and there's nothing worse being on a big streak & having nothing when you need it.
  10. One1shot1only

    One1shot1only Sergeant


    TROPHY SYSTEM when i quick scop in SnD when i see that pred come down i put that shit down and poof saves my life
    either that or flash nades
  11. Ht0wn G

    Ht0wn G ... I also go by George


    Portable radar, stuns, then flash. Top 3 for me, IMO.

    A good player doesn't need to camp & equip a portable radar. If you're running around with a purpose, you can chuck that near corners or place it to get your back when aiming down a high traffic area. Throw it near flags in Dom is a great tactic as well.

    I also agree on the blast radius for concussion & flash grenades. Personally, I've thrown a few in my time & have learned that I'd rather accidentally stun myself than turn my screen completely white with a flash. That's probably the most annoying thing I do to myself in this game - come up short or too high when chucking 'nades.
  12. RUN4Y0URL1F3

    RUN4Y0URL1F3 Sergeant


    Portable radar is by far the best equipment!
  13. DD

    DD Devildriver


    portable radar to flush out campers ... FTW!
  14. -FATE-

    -FATE- _________


    Trophy for Domination.
    Portable radar for snd and FFA/TDM

    Thats all I use.
  15. jrok410

    jrok410 Sergeant Major


    Only been playing COD for a short time but I lean towards smoke and concussion. Smoke to give cover & concussion to blind/disorient before firing. Although I tend to concuss myself from time to time.
  16. sweaty groat

    sweaty groat Yorkshire Scum


    Portable Radar,sure people use assassin but most times it picks people up. Trick it to know where to put it,and don't camp never to it.
  17. MW3King_007

    MW3King_007 Major


    Right now I just use flash. I'm thinking about uses smoke on some classes for domination though
  18. Mogwai

    Mogwai Major General


    Shit I hadn't even noticed that stun grenades explode upon impact and not in air. Sometimes it's annoying when you try to toss a flash far and it blows up just before it reaches where you wanted it to hit. That is quite an advantage they have over flash then
  19. mikek

    mikek 1st Lieutenant


    I only use flashes, and never even thought twice about it. Maybe I need to experiment a little more...
  20. osiis

    osiis Colonel


    I use Portable Radar and Trophy System depending on the game mode. Used to only be a Flash Grenade person till I tried some of the other ones.
  21. Ht0wn G

    Ht0wn G ... I also go by George


    Definitely try them all out (run different setups in private matches).

    Concussion stuns detonate at impact & don't have a timer, like Flash 'nades.

    But their blast radius & effect are of course, lower.

    Also, the Portable Radar is well worth a shot. Playing in a party and having at least one other friend running it as well & you have the whole map covered in its radius. There's always those running something other than Assassin showing up.

    The Trophy System has it's benefits as well, especially in objective game modes.

    Give them a try sir.

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