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New specialist??

Discussion in 'Black Ops 3 Multiplayer Discussion' started by TomOnDuty, Feb 21, 2016.

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  1. TomOnDuty

    TomOnDuty honey badger


    its confusing . You only get one ability ? What triggers it's activation a certain score regardless of deaths ? It just pops up I'll use it but I have no idea why or how .

    I picked the first one mainly cause I had no clue but finding the gravity spikes to be pretty useful since I only play objective games .

    What ones do you like to use looks like a few could be helpful ?
  2. Scouse

    Scouse Activison Ambassador


    You have "fill Metre" once its filled by getting kills, capturing objectives etc.

    You press RB / LB or R1 / R2 together at the same time to activate it.

    You can only chose either a weapon or an ability.

    All have their uses.
  3. ZANDIT001



    What he said, but I believe there is also a timer involved, so even if you go for several minutes without a kill, you will still get the chance to use your specialist weapon/ability at least once in a game.
  4. Pope Leo VII

    Pope Leo VII Colonel


    long live the ripper.

    by far my favorite specialist ability.

    time it when you hear an enemy rounding a corner, entering a HP/DOM point and automatic kill every single time
  5. TomOnDuty

    TomOnDuty honey badger


    I can see some being useful Tess been using the overdrive and is pretty cool .seems some others I haven't unlocked yet are cool that flame thrower is annyong . Little op with the range on that thing
  6. Shizer

    Shizer Prestige Master


    Ripper is also my favorite......I've gotten a couple quad feeds with it....if you catch them all in a room if you can get the first guy you can get em all if you just keep mashing the knife button
  7. Pope Leo VII

    Pope Leo VII Colonel


    You only have to hit it once.. if they are close enough the ripper moves onto the next enemy automatically
  8. PSIII

    PSIII Sergeant


    At the core, they're just silly add-ons, but some can be useful in a pinch. You'll hate a lot of them at first, but they'll get better with practice (Tempest or Sparrow for example).

    In reality, they're infuriating because the weapons are powerful and are all instant kills. Much harder to avoid than regular bullets. And you don't even have to earn them. Half my deaths sometimes are from Specialists alone, super gay.

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