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Multi-Platform Old, bald and gray, controller starting to work again ;)

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Mr. Xcntrk, Feb 1, 2019.

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  1. Mr. Xcntrk

    Mr. Xcntrk Specialist


    I am a 54 well in May 54 gamer. I use to play years ago but a house fire sort of put an end to that. Now I am back in the game (so to speak) with a PS2, PS3, PS4, PSP, and a PS Vita and I have games for all of them. Not so much for the Vita as I just obtained it and the games it came with, well only one I would play would at all LEGO Batman thing, the rest are going to GameStop or onto eBay. I am an FPS guy just never really cared to much for other games other than Worms Well I guess that is a shooter as well ;) Loved the little guys blowing each other up on my Dreamcast, yes, I have/had one of those.

    Actually, need to pull it out of the shed and see if it still works. Looks like some moisture got into that side of the shed so she may be a goner. I will have to find another one as I found a box of Dreamcast games, controllers etc. in my storage. Now I am wanting to play Mag-racer one of the few non-FPS games I like, although come to think about it you shoot at the other racers in it, so maybe a FPS as well.

    I also have Parkinson's and several other ailments. My neurologist says that playing video games is good for the Parkinson's so now I have a reason other than I just wanted to start playing games again. Wouldn't that have been great to tell mom “hey the doc says I am supposed to stay up all nite playing video games” ;) I was getting really bored sitting at the house just watching TV or movies maybe a little surfing the web but that was it. A PS3 started it and now the ball is rolling.

    Not really online yet, just the PSN thing but planning on buying a Plus pass, maybe this month, maybe next. Living on a fixed disability income SUCKS! I am starting to get on board, making new friends and finding out what is going on. But I know I need to do the Plus thing if I am really going to dive back in. may wait until I am better with the controls again as I hate getting killed in very short order over and over and over again.

    I am still rolling around on easy or cadet mode as I have to get my fingers back in the habit of pushing the buttons, moving the sticks and using the new paddles. Oh yeah that's right, I bought myself a Scuf since I am going to be trying to get serious at this. I mean it is almost Doctors orders, right? ;) I also went with the Turtle Beach Stealth 700. I have the gear I just have to keep playing to get my game up.

    I am a sniper nut! I have Sniper Elite 1, 2,3 and 4. Finding 1 was hard as I was always looking on the PS3 platform. One day for giggles I searched for it on the PS2 and Boom there it was and guess what? a copy just happened to be available, so I snatched that bad boy right up. And let me tell you the first one is a lot harder than the other 3. I also doing Sniper Ghost Warrior, I have 1 and 2 looking to get 3 as soon as I can. I have the assorted C.O.D. games along with a couple of Tom Clancy's and other odds and ends in the FPS drawer. Tactical seem to be the fave- flav of FPS but FPS or some really old school racing etc but no anime, dungeon, dragons, swords or sorcerers, please.

    But SOCOM has been, and still is my game, as far as I know I have all of the SOCOM games for the PS2, PS3 and the PSP. Been considering getting a couple of them for the PS4 but that is only so I can use my new controller. Buying a game, I already have just for a different console sounds sort of stupid to me so we will see which way the jury decides on that one. I really wish they would make a new SOCOM. I played SOCOM on line years ago, it was on the PS2 to date it a little and online was free. (This buy the game from you to play on the equipment I bought from you to play on space I rent from you sounds like a racket to me;) ) I probably would have been playing non-stop since if it weren't for the pesky house-fire. I had started playing almost what you would call religiously before that happened. It was great, I had logged online and immediately found other guys my own age and all ex-Navy.

    I thought it weird at the time, a bunch of other sailors, my age and online playing video games; I sort of figured I would be the only OLD dude online period. Had a couple great squads that liked to try and do as SEALS would do, get in and out without being seen. Never was much for the run through smashing in and shooting anything that is in view; other than HALO. I have got to get another Xbox so I can return to Master Chief's land :) I hope to get an Xbox X one later this year, will see.

    Well, if you have made it this far you can tell I can ramble on a bit. Seems not to fit in a 140-character world. Constantly telling my son to actually read the text and he would have the answer to the questions he has not even thought about yet LOL
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  2. OUTL4W

    OUTL4W ______________


    My goodness that’s a detailed intro....welcome to the forum, Sir.
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  3. Mr. Xcntrk

    Mr. Xcntrk Specialist


    Howdy OUTL4W,

    Well, it is sort of like this. Those who will read it will not have a bunch of questions to ask. Those that do not read it all and ask a question that which has already been answered in the intro, well, we know what they are doing ;)

    I just like to let folks know who exactly they are dealing with. Too often you cannot tell who they are by their language or mannerisms used online. They could be 8 or 80, male or female. I like to know who I am making friendships with and I would hope that others are the same way.

    Well, then there is the old Fibro-Parkinson's brain forgetting thing. I can always come back and read my post to know who I am ;) Just kidding, I am forgetful but not much more than anyone my age I guess and the doc thinks the bad parts "IF" they come, will be much later.

    I have always just liked to enjoy myself and have fun. I hope to meet other gamers who feel the same way. Hopefully when and if I get my chops back and then hopefully way improved, I will have already made friends to go online with.

    The web is full of posers and pretenders so I set out to be just the opposite, maybe it wil catch on ;)
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  4. MR Q

    MR Q PSN id: mashupman


    Welcome to the forum Mr xcntrk
    That was a long into alright crickey !
    I thought I had started a new Lord of the rings book or summat!!
    Joking :)
    Great to have some new members
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  5. Mr. Xcntrk

    Mr. Xcntrk Specialist


    Thanks, Mr. Q,
    Hopefully, we can drag some new members in, even if they are kicking and screaming;)
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  6. Nettels

    Nettels Badass viking since '95


  7. Mr. Xcntrk

    Mr. Xcntrk Specialist


    Howdy Sir Nettels, and thank you for the welcome. It's nice to meet you.
  8. Mojo

    Mojo 8th Prestige


    Welcome to the forum

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