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Ping and finding games <mms of Ping

Discussion in 'Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer Discussion' started by wheresmark, Dec 6, 2011.

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  1. wheresmark

    wheresmark General


    Can anyone help me understand this better?

    I currently have between roughly 41-48 ping. When I try and find games it never find any on the <50mms Ping, it then tries to search in the <75mms ping sometimes it says found 1/8 games and then puts me into it, but more often than not it ways found 0/49 or found 2/49 and then cant put me in either match. It then searches in the <100mms and I usually get a game then. Sometimes though it puts me in the <125 or <150mms lobbies.

    Why is this? can I change it? i've heard it makes quite a difference to how the game is.
  2. B-Ratt34

    B-Ratt34 Specialist


    I find that the lower the ping, the better the lobby is connection wise. Everything is smoother 75 or lower. I have gotten to where I will only settle for 75 or lower but hardly get in a 50 ping lobby. As far as your router/modem ping may be 48 but it's your modem pinging off the lobby host. So when you do a speed test you usually ping to a server within your vicinity. In the game, your pinging off the host so it's searching a host closest to you within a 50 ping radius and there may not be any close to you hence that's why you do not get in many 50 ping lobbies. I have a ping of 36 to nearest speed test server but that server is 30 miles from my house. I'm east coast USA and I play at night when the family is in bed. I very rarely get in any 50 ping lobbies but I back out if it gets higher than 75.
  3. wheresmark

    wheresmark General


    Yeah I know the lower ping the better the connection. When I first started on MW3 I came up against loads of people with LUFC, LFC, MUFC (although MUFC could be anywhere...) I live in Leeds and these are all local to me. But now most of my games seem to be against london or french or norweigen people :/
  4. TinyKillerRobot

    TinyKillerRobot Master Sergeant


    I get a few <75 lobbies/games, never better. 80% of my play is in the <100ms.
  5. FandomRuck

    FandomRuck Lalala.


    I wish we could set a ping limit of at least 150 (<100 would be ideal). It would save a LOT of hassle.

    Most (if not all) would rather wait than be put in a red bar game.
  6. Major Exaggeration

    Major Exaggeration Master Sergeant


    I haven't played but 3 games in the last couple weeks, but every lobby I get in is <50 ms ping. It still plays like crap.
    Last edited: Dec 6, 2011
  7. flabulous_83

    flabulous_83 Privates Investigator


    Yup, I was playing solo the other night and got put in <50ms ping lobbies everytime except for 1 75 ms. Most games were still garbage...insta deaths and shots not registering in most games.
  8. Tandem

    Tandem Guest

    This is not surprising. I have a pretty decent connection (not Verizon FiOS though), so I get into <50 ms games pretty often if playing TDM (more games available), and if I didn't, I would back out and try again- force of habit. I think that your latency is a negative indicator of whether you're likely to become host in a subsequent game, and I've seen you say that you do poorly on host (as do I), so you probably pull host during the next intermission.

    Latency is generally, but not always, related to geographic proximity. However, I can get <100 ms ping from West to East coast, so it's more a function of the host. To illustrate this, the following speed tests I just conducted:



    The Palo Alto server is fiber optic. Might be why some of you guys get awesome games on Groat's connection in Black Ops.

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