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Problem: Framerate drops??

Discussion in 'Modern Warfare 3 General Discussion' started by polar_burr, Nov 11, 2011.

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  1. polar_burr

    polar_burr Specialist


    My friend has this weird framerate issue ONLY when he plays matchmaking with friends in a party. He tells me that it drops drastically and it becomes impossible to play. The weird thing is that his fps messes up only when he's in a party with me or his other friend but not when he's by himself in matchmade games.

    The other thing we noticed is that he doesn't get the problem either when we do private games. SO...what exactly could be causing this problem? It's so weird!

    His specs are:

    cpu: dual core 3.0 ghz
    gpu: gtx 465
    ram: 4gb ddr2
  2. KiDMaTiX

    KiDMaTiX 14 Blocked n Counting!


    In Party you use up more bandwidth due to the Mic and several other little things. Have you guys tried to play without party? Tell me if anything is resolved.

    I can give you a few configurations for PC settings that will help eliminate the lag.
    Then again his PC seems O.K to run it anyway. So it IS more of a Connection issue vs a PC Spec issue.
    Also tell me if he is connected to a router.
  3. polar_burr

    polar_burr Specialist


    It isn't lag, its purely a framerate drop and his CPU goes to 100%. He is positive that is his cpu usage because when he tabs out when it happens the rest of his stuff is pretty laggy too, and that in task manager displays 100% cpu usage.

    It got so bad that his monitor shut off twice when playing in match-made games ONLY with friends in a party group. I recall he even dropped from skype as well.

    He is sure that it is NOT a latency issue as he can play smoothly without lag in a private game AND in a match-made by himself.
  4. polar_burr

    polar_burr Specialist


    bump someone should know what's going on! Please I want to enjoy MP with my buddy.
  5. Therion1997

    Therion1997 Recruit


    Hi. I have the exact same problem described up.
    Any fix ?
  6. polar_burr

    polar_burr Specialist


    yayaya need fix asap!

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