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Prozey's Office

Discussion in 'Pro Circuit Tips and Guides' started by Prozey, Jun 11, 2014.

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  1. Prozey

    Prozey <span style="background: url(http://cod247.com/img


    I see you have stepped into my office. In this thread, you can ask me anything about competitive Call of Duty. I'm a veteran competitive player, I've been playing CoD competitively since Black Ops 1, and I played a little competitive Halo 3 too. Ask me anything you want to know about competitive. "Who do you think is going to win the next event?" "Who do you think is the best all around player?" "I'm not playing well, what do you think I could do to start playing well again?" I will answer any of your questions as quickly as possible, just be sure to quote me or mention me so I can get a notification. I will also be posting a lot of tips and guides in the near future, so check those out before asking questions. I want to be able to help other people who are interested in getting into the competitive scene, and I believe this is a great way of doing so. Thank You :)
  2. Ht0wn G

    Ht0wn G ... I also go by George


    How about starting by sharing your experience & history in the Pro Scene.

    What age did you start playing at the amateur/pro level? Any winnings? Major tournament placings? What teams (any notable ones) have you been on?
  3. Prozey

    Prozey <span style="background: url(http://cod247.com/img


    Well, I started playing Halo 3 at the age of 11. It was the first multiplayer game I had ever played other than splitscreen Halo 2. I wasn't to good at first, but I quickly got a hang of the game and became quite decent. Then some my friends told me to get Call of Duty and told me it was much better. So I got MW2. To be honest I sucked at MW2, it was my test dummy I guess you could say. I continued to play CoD into Black Ops 1 where I kept getting better and better. I than saw my first competitive match on MLG. I don't remember much from it, but I remember watching Rambo and saying I wanna be as good as him someday. That's where my competitive career began.

    I started playing GBs at the age of 13 and continued at a slow pace. In MW3 I joined the team TLG, we looked very promising, but then the team started to get inactive. I then just went on to play dubs for the rest of the MW3 season.

    In Black Ops 2, I joined Before We Die (B4WD) where I was asked to captain the team, this was near the end of Black Ops 2, so we didn't get very far.

    I really started to shine in ghosts, where I learned every aspect of the game. I became more of a student of the game than a comp player. I played for very many teams. I was the captain of Temperance Pro, we were an undefeated (7-0) GB team ready to start playing in tournaments until the Xbox One split the team up. Then I created a new team eGirl Warriors. This team was all the makings of an excellent team, great chemistry, skill, and commitment. We were ready to play in the CoD Championships qualifiers, but my very strict parents took my Xbox away and that was the end of my competitive career.

    I am now the head of management for a competitive organization called HiveMind because I decided to take a temporary break form competitive CoD. Now I'm just studying more and more of the game.

    Anyone I haven't played in many major tourneys and the ones that I have I didn't make it very far. But I do play in a few small money tourneys here and there. I also play in free tourneys at times too. But yeah that's about it. I haven't been very lucky as far as competitive gaming goes.
  4. Nettels

    Nettels Badass viking since '95



    What's your top 3 list of teams in MLG and tell us their strengths and weaknesses :)
  5. Shizer

    Shizer Prestige Master


    Are you a girl? If so *mindblown*
  6. Prozey

    Prozey <span style="background: url(http://cod247.com/img


    No, I'm not a girl lol.
  7. IshTing

    IshTing Stuff And Things



    At what age do you believe is too old to be an MLG pro player?
  8. Scouse

    Scouse Activison Ambassador


    How much do you charge ?
  9. Prozey

    Prozey <span style="background: url(http://cod247.com/img


    There is no age too old. I'll still be playing at the age of 60. (If i don't have arthritis or anything)
  10. Prozey

    Prozey <span style="background: url(http://cod247.com/img


    You don't wanna know lol.

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