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Questions on how to use forum?

Discussion in 'Forum Feedback' started by OUTL4W, Apr 8, 2016.

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  1. OUTL4W

    OUTL4W ______________


    Inspired by MojoMojo's recent status update to another person. I've decided to create a thread for those of you starting out on using xenForo. COD247 used vBulletin (3.8.x the last time it was used), FPS247 is using xenForo.

    What is xenForo?
    xenForo was a brainchild of Kier Darby and Mike Sullivan, the original developers of the vB3 line. Internet Brands bought vBulletin, and was going to go forward with vBulletin 4, Kier suggested a complete re-write of vB, the C.E.O at the time, and still is C.E.O. today said "no, that's counterproductive." Darby sent in a resignation to Internet Brands and left, with Mike following suit. They developed xenForo which some people think is the "spiritual" successor to vB4. The original vB4.

    What's so special about xenForo?
    xenForo is light on servers. You can put it on any kind of server setup and it won't drag the servers like any of the vBulletin versions. Late-stage vB2, and all of vB3 was very light on servers because Kier and Mike tried to make it that way. They still do. That's why xenForo is praised for it's coding prowess. They keep adding features, but they tried their best to keep up to date with php standards, and tried their damnest to make the software be light on servers.

    When you loaded this page, was it fast? Yes. Right? That's why. So, even if you added more plugins, more coding to the site, like OUTL4WOUTL4W has done... It's still light. No matter which device you're loading it from.

    How does xenForo and vBulletin differ?
    Nothing. Really. Nothing! "Don't fix what ain't broke." Kier and Mike thought to keep their legacy intact by delivering a powerful forum software, but a unique one, at that. xenForo employed new ways of looking at forum software by borrowing ideas from Facebook via notifications. When you quote a person, you're notifying the person that he replied to you.

    If you quote this message, I'll know the next time I log in, or read my e-mails. Just that simple.

    Why does some features look like they're different?
    There's a good reason for that. It's trademark, copyrights, and other legal stuff. In fact, as soon as xenForo was known to vBulletin Staff, Internet Brands sued xenForo for breaking contracts, code infringement, and other stupid bullshit that had nothing to do with the issue at hand.

    So, what's different?
    Private Messages are "Private Conversations" so if you want to PM someone, you'll need to PConvo someone. If you want to reply to someone and let him know that you replied, use the "quote" button. The "+Quote" button is as it implies: Multi-Quote. Click the "+Quote" across posts from top to bottom (ones you want to quote), and press "Insert these quote" button. In a dialogue, you will be able to re-order the quotes. But if you "Quote" someone, you're talking directly to that person in that particular threead. They both have the same behavior, just different techniques. :)

    Any questions? Reply with your own questions. Or look at this thread for other ideas.

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