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Revealed - Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 update nerfs Ajax, 9-Bangs, Strobe Light, adds new...

Discussion in 'BlackOps4 Forum' started by OUTL4W, Nov 14, 2018.

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  1. OUTL4W

    OUTL4W ______________


    Nuketown arrives in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 on PS4 alongside a big update.

    As you’re probably used to by now, today’s Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 patch touched everything from multiplayer, Blackout, to Zombies. This is the same patch that adds Nuketown, which is available one week early on PS4.

    Nuketown is getting a featured playlist of its own, also available now. In multiplayer, Treyarch reduced the effect of the Strobe Light Operator Mod for the SG12, both in brightness and the range at which the mod affects aim assist. Along with a few other balance tweaks for many weapons, the developer also turned its attention to specialists.

    Ajax has had a big nerf, with a reduction to his 9-Bang effect, and an accuracy hit when using the shield. More interestingly, the Tactical Mask can now counter the 9-Bang, something fans have been asking for. On the playlist front, the new Endurance Chaos Moshpit enters the fray, and Mercenary Capture Moshpit also returns, with Gun Game remaining.

    For competitive players, the update brings the CWL custom game ruleset. In Blackout, the Zombies Bowie Knife is now a lootable weapon. And, in celebration of Nuketown’s launch in multiplayer, zombies can now appear on Nuketown Island. This is only active on PS4, however, due to the same exclusivity deal. Everyone else gets this event next week.

    Black Ops Icons like Mason, Woods, Menendez, and Reznov all now have character missions for players to unlock. There’s also a new team scoreboard specifically for duos and quads. Weapon streaming has been improved, to prevent cases where players would land faster than weapons would spawn.

    Zombies game stability remains a high priority for Treyarch, and this latest update brought with it a host of Zombies fixes. The developer still has work to do, however, but it hasn’t forgotten about host migration support, or the features announced pre-launch that have yet to materialise, such as the Black Ops Authenticity Stamp system, and Daily Callings.

    In response to player feedback about the Black Market progression system, Treyarch added a daily tier skip. This can be activated by winning a match in multiplayer or earning a Merit in Blackout. Doing this for the day will let you redeem bonus daily tiers.

    Blackjack’s Shop has also gone live (one week early on PS4). The shop provides an avenue for players to directly purchase cosmetics.

    Check out the full change log for the patch on Reddit.


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