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Revealed - Destiny 2: Bungie details all new open-world activities Adventures, World...

Discussion in 'Destiny News' started by OUTL4W, Jul 24, 2017.

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  1. OUTL4W

    OUTL4W ______________



    Bungie has given us our first look at how exploration is going to work in Destiny 2, and this new video uses Nessus to show off the new systems.

    The video, via IGN, starts off with a team landing on Nessus and getting into a Public Event. This lets us see how these events have changed in Destiny 2.

    Bungie says a lot of what was learned from Court of Oryx and other PvE-focused, repeatable events has been used here to make Public Events more exciting. For instance, there’s an optional bonus objective that, when triggered, unlocks a higher difficulty for this public event.

    Bungie also detailed Adventures, the new side mission type. Adventures are an evolved version of quests from The Taken King, delivering a fully-voiced story that gives context to the events that take place on the planet you found them on.

    A bigger version of Adventures is World Quests, which are similar in that they offer a story about the planets where you find them, but will take you on a much bigger trip across the planet. Interestingly, these only become available after you finish the main campaign.

    Another activity type completely new to Destiny 2 is Lost Sectors. Their general locations are marked by white graffiti on the wall, but you’ll have to find the entrance yourself. Inside, you’ll come across a few enemies and a boss. Defeating them unlocks a chest.

    The biggest revelation in the video by far is the new surface map showing multiple landing points, something we couldn’t do in the first game. Not all landing zones will be unlocked from the start, though.

    Instead, they’ll show up on the map when you come across them through Adventures, story missions and so on. Bungie said it wanted exploration to drive how you find out about them.

    Finally, Flashpoints are the equivalent of weekly Nightfalls, only they take place in the open world. Every week, a new Flashpoint will pop up asking you to complete Public Events on a specific planet and earn rewards. Doing so also lets you fight secret bosses you won’t see in any other activity.

    On the same week that, say, a Nessus Falshpoint is active, Cayde-6 will also sell treasure maps for the chosen destination that week.

    Nessus is one of four new destination available in Destiny 2 at launch. The game releases September 6 on PS4, and Xbox One, and October 24 on PC.


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