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Simple Question About Prestige.

Discussion in 'Black Ops 3 Multiplayer Discussion' started by rc10mike, Mar 30, 2016.

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  1. rc10mike

    rc10mike Lieutenant General


    I will say, this is the first CoD game that I decided to Prestige in. I just went to Prestige 7 or 8 tonight I dont really remember..

    Anyway for some reason after every time I Prestige in this game I get absolutely destroyed for the first Id say 20 levels or so. Almost as if Ive never even played the game before. I check the Lobby Leaderboards and think "Oh this seems ok" then just get completely shit on by every person in the lobby.

    This has occurred every time I have Prestiged in this game. Tonight after Prestiging, I had literally the worst match of FFA that I have ever had. 1-4 Prestige I obviously thought it was because I didnt have all of my favorite gear unlocked yet, but now, I have everything perm. unlocked.

    Im already waiting for all of the typical CoD247/FPS247 haters to post the hate comments, but Im seriously wondering if anyone else has experienced this.
  2. MR Q

    MR Q PSN id: mashupman

    I get this every cod.but in this cod my kdr is shitter than usual so I can't compare too much
  3. MR Q

    MR Q PSN id: mashupman

    Plus in paying a bit more hardcore games which I'm doing crap in (using the shiva which ain't helping my cause).
  4. Jesse

    Jesse Commander


    Nope haven't experienced this but I'm a g.
  5. Carlos

    Carlos 2nd Lieutenant


    I experienced the same thing as soon as I got into my first Prestige recently. Also, RE: Shieva; treat that weapon as if it's a bolt action rifle. :)

    I just need to slog through and wait for rank 20-25 to get better.
  6. ZANDIT001



    What a bunch of noobs!!!:p:p:p
    I haven't been playing much recently, but the other night I entered prestige 2, and had the best night ever. Every single match of HC TDM, I was top three, more often than not, the top scorer, even though my team may not have won. It wasn't until I got to rank 24 that I started having a bad go, but I'm blaming a couple of new players that entered with bad ping. I seemed to be about 2 secs behind everyone else in reaction time.
  7. bwizzle78

    bwizzle78 Major General


    Im the opposite, i do really good for some reason, its like they put me in with a bunch of noobs
  8. theycallmeBruce

    theycallmeBruce General


    having everything unlocked has me filled with false confidence that i run around thinking i'm pro but usually getting shit on... early in the prestige i'm a bit more cautious and posting decent scores as a result so i'm the opposite of what you describe

    same as prestiging weapons or using for the first time, good early on but rushing like a knob once i get qd/stock combo
  9. Tuff

    Tuff Machine Gun Cody


    I used to feel this way but in BO# I seem to play better at the beginning of the prestige. Probably forced to use different perks and or guns that you are not as comfortable with, thus driving your scores down.
  10. toxic16

    toxic16 Major General


    I've never really had this issue after prestige.
  11. codfish

    codfish 1st Prestige


    Lol simple question....asks no question
  12. Scouse

    Scouse Activison Ambassador


    Nope not experienced it.
  13. Henry06x

    Henry06x General


    Once you have your base class unlocked perminantely it's all in your head. Though even with the unlocks you don't have everything needed for proper counter play to others. You can't have everything needed. Unless you only ever play with one base class which is dumb. You need setups for if they are playing super slow, overly aggressive, using a lot of equipment you need EMP's for, throwing a lot of nades, throwing a lot of stun/flashes.. Can't have every counter class right at the start which can be a hinderance.

    Probably most plausible though is you notice your bad games more, then think about it more, it gets in your head, and then it makes struggle more because your frustrated.

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