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SnD Clutch guide

Discussion in 'Call of Duty: Black Ops Multiplayer & Zombies Disc' started by Tiger Blood, Mar 20, 2011.

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  1. Tiger Blood

    Tiger Blood 1st Lieutenant


    I need one, can't find one
  2. DeAdLyEfFeCt

    DeAdLyEfFeCt The God aka The CoDfather


    Clutch guide? Are you asking how do you clutch? You handle business like a boss. If you need a guide, you will never clutch.
  3. mr. taxi

    mr. taxi Lieutenant General


    Stay focused ... stay alive.
  4. Voodoo

    Voodoo Commander


    There can never be a guide. Each clutch has completely different circumstances.
  5. Tiger Blood

    Tiger Blood 1st Lieutenant


  6. Voodoo

    Voodoo Commander


    don't die.

    edit: Honestly there's so many that I couldn't be bothered but here goes a few

    • stay quiet
      when you become the last take note of where your teammates died
      take your time if you have it, don't rush it
      when defending make sure you're in a position where you can here both bombsites if you're unsure where he is, if it's 1v1 and you know where he is follow his movements via sound and kill him while he plants (headshots to make sure he goes down quickly)
      know when to run away, if you fail to kill someone do not peek them, they will smash you.
  7. Tiger Blood

    Tiger Blood 1st Lieutenant


    Thanks voodoo, gonna go practice on my fun acc.
  8. Its Paul

    Its Paul Major General


    Turn your headset up if you have it, if you know where your teammates died look in that direction and then move slowly and carefully over there, if you're planting plant the bomb and set somewhere where you can hear them defuse but they can't find you, if you're defending try to catch them planting, if they already planted throw some concussions and look in corners where people would hide.
  9. OG BAKE

    OG BAKE General


    Voodoo said the most important thing in my mind. Run away. If you get two shots in on him and he has three on you, duck for cover, don't try and power through and try and flank/ check the other bombsight if it was near one.
  10. neon1302

    neon1302 General


    drop a motion sensor somewhere and stick tight, have your volume up and dont make any sounds, stick a motion near a bomb sight and stay between the two of them, not out in the open though, idk what weapon your using but I use the spas which is great CQC, most clutches can happen in CQC so if your not using a spas id equip some dual pythons and go to work with them
  11. jhalleson

    jhalleson Colonel


    the problem with making a clutch guide for SnD is that everytime it comes to that point its always different from map to players and players left to even time left to personal play styles.

    if you are by chance the last man standing the most important thing is to keep your self as hidden as possible because once they know where your at they swarm and swarm hard so keep on the move in different hiding spots that give you good over views to take people out with quick exits.

    also make sure your always listening to your surrounding because any noise made is an enemy work on being able to pin point where people are at from noises they make from enviroment to foot step noise.

    setup traps for your enemy with what ever equipment you have so you can take them out when they come looking for that. for example if you have a claymore set up some where in a building that you can get eyes on away from it and wait a few min to see if other comes it will not only get you a kill most likely but more then likely they have hacker on always good to know what the other team is using for perks.

    if your planting make sure when planting your spinning around in a fast circle for the fact it takes out the sound effects of you planting it so you can quickly plant and get away setup a claymore or c4 right on top of the briefcase so they cant see it as well too.

    but mostly you will have to just practice at it. hope i help a little

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