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Time to switch double weapon XP on until BO2 release?

Discussion in 'Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer Discussion' started by JaTT MaNiaC, Nov 1, 2012.

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  1. JaTT MaNiaC

    JaTT MaNiaC 1st Lieutenant


    At the topic states, do you think its time double weapon XP is left on until people make the move to BO2? How about double XP as a whole?

    I'm just playing for the challenges and getting as many of my guns gold now.
  2. Rushify YT

    Rushify YT General


    I feel like they've done enough Dub Xp and Dub Weapon XP, but I guess the weekend before BO2 they should do it.
  3. Matt23

    Matt23 General


    I could use some double weapon xp. they will probably have a double xp weekend for mw3 when black ops 2 come out.
  4. Rick McFish

    Rick McFish Captain


    That's my feelings too.

    I've stopped prestiging in MW3, mostly because I just can't be arsed to do everything all over again, and also I don't play the game anywhere near enough to race up those prestige levels and unlock everything whilst I'm doing so. I would quite like to get to the end of my current prestige with everything unlocked/at max(or v. high) level). Means I can just jump in and have some fun now and then when I feel the need, instead of thinking "I feel like some MW3... oh hang on I've got to unlock lots of shit first. Meh bored!"
  5. Tuff

    Tuff Machine Gun Cody


    Totally agree Double Weapon XP so I can have every gun I like Maxed out
  6. eddydc1

    eddydc1 Lieutenant General


    no need for it because already got all gold :)
  7. bmfk

    bmfk Colonel


    Seems like there has been more 2x exp this game than any other title. I would say the weekend before should have 2x exp across all titles like last year. It's fun to go back and play the old ones (if you can find a hack free lobby)
  8. JaTT MaNiaC

    JaTT MaNiaC 1st Lieutenant


    Thats the problem. I believe MW3 will go the same way MW2 has.

    MW2 you may as well forget about playing. Too many crazy hacked lobbies.

    BO still is playable.
  9. wrxwagon03

    wrxwagon03 Commander


    They've handed the 2x XP out like fucking candy in MW3. On top of that gold guns and XP are already easy as fuck to get. There's no need for more, seriously, a gold gun takes 1000 kills, that's not hard. Go try and get gold guns in Black Ops without playing high roller wager match and come back and tell me you need more double weapon XP.
  10. wrxwagon03

    wrxwagon03 Commander


    Wow, I really only have one bar of negative rep. What the fuck happened?

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