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"We're in the lead"....."We lost the lead"

Discussion in 'Black Ops 3 Multiplayer Discussion' started by rc10mike, Mar 3, 2016.

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  1. rc10mike

    rc10mike Lieutenant General


    Was watching some old CoD videos and suddenly realized Ive been missing something I didnt even know I missed!

    The call-outs! Does anyone besides me miss these?

    Now I just have to keep track of the score visually, which is obviously what Ive been doing since the game came out, but I would love to see the taken/lost lead call-outs come back, even in the Specialist voices would be cool.

    In past CoDs, it was nice to just hear it rather than just suddenly loose a match when you thought you were 5 points ahead.

    Flame on.
  2. Scouse

    Scouse Activison Ambassador


    i'm sure there's some thing like that in the game

  3. DarthNutz

    DarthNutz General


    I agree. However, wasn't the A.I. call outs only in Ghosts?
  4. archie_mofo

    archie_mofo General


    There is call outs...? We've lost the lead.. we've taken the lead.. sniper in the barn..

    Not as insanely informative as some of the cods (sniper under the bridge) whilst you're staring at a bridge and some guy is head glitching. They're there.

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