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What hidden extra's will BO2 have in store for us?

Discussion in 'Black Ops 2 General Discussion' started by JaTT MaNiaC, Nov 6, 2012.

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  1. JaTT MaNiaC

    JaTT MaNiaC 1st Lieutenant


    What I liked about the Treyarch franchise of this game is the way they try to give us, the players/fans of the genre that little extra.

    Zombies put a whole new spin on the series from WaW and we were basically getting 3 games for the price of one (Campaign/MP/Zombies).

    With BO there were hidden extra's added - Dead Op's etc.

    So anything confirmed or guesses as to what Treyarch has in store for us now? Or do you think they have concentrated on MP and Zombies so much there will be not much if anything?
  2. Quark

    Quark [TCaP]


    I don't think there will be anything beyond zombies, multiplayer and campaign, but you seem to be underscoring the amount of development that goes into these things. The campaign mode, especially is incredibly complex considering very few people play it.

    What is Dead Op's? I've never played BO.
  3. Probotector

    Probotector Not Australian


    Google and Youtube are your best friends:

  4. uClumZy

    uClumZy Lieutenant General


    Dead ops is fun as hell!! You need to play it.
  5. ForeverCarefree

    ForeverCarefree The Long Goodbye


    I agree that with the addition of zombies you get extra "value" for the game purchase with Blops.

    But let us not forget MW3 had Special Ops, which although was not as popular as Zombies served the same function.

    So the same as the Treyarch release you had single player/multi player/special ops.
  6. Keef

    Keef Ooouusshhhhh!


    Mehh special ops was a waste of time and im a massive IW fan. Zombies was far superior although i did get bored of it very quickly as it got boring getting a high level and having to spend ages getting back there. I just hope the MP has been reveamped and the connection is better than ever and were good to go. 3Arch are pretty good at adding little things to the game which seem really cool and i think there will be a few suprises but nothing like a new game mode.
  7. ForeverCarefree

    ForeverCarefree The Long Goodbye


    I think survival mode could have been a lot of fun if they had made it 4 players and just upped the number of enemies you faced.

    Chaos mode was a lot of fun but very short so you couldn't play it for an extended amount of time.
  8. DD

    DD Devildriver


    I loved all the little secrets in BO.
    like pressing l2 and r2 repeatedly to break out that chair and then put in a code on the computer to unlock more stuff.
  9. Jewfro Samurai

    Jewfro Samurai 7th Prestige


    Spec Ops could have been way better if it had 4 players, upgrades that were worth buying (such as Stopping Power, Double Tap, things like that, and especially for the SMGs... SMGs only got three sights, nothing else), and they should have got rid of the BS game over whenever you're unable to revive your partner.
  10. ForeverCarefree

    ForeverCarefree The Long Goodbye


    I thought the dynamics of survival worked okay but it should really have been 4 players.

    Survival was a good idea I thought but it needed more players to be a major draw IMO

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