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Xbox One team?

Discussion in 'FPS24/7 Competitive GB' started by Henry06x, Feb 11, 2015.

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  1. Henry06x

    Henry06x General


    Anyone get together a CoD247 team on the Xbone?
  2. Im Not Very Good

    Im Not Very Good Hungry Like The Wolf


    I'll happily play, Getting bored of playing solo.

    *EDIT* Thought it was for pubs, I've not delved into the competitive playlist this year, Heard it's really buggy.
  3. Henry06x

    Henry06x General


    Ive been having fun in the Ranked play list. Havent seen it to be "buggy". Same general connection issues as pubs which sucks. BO2's were all dedicated and the connections were much better I thought. Ranked is tough solo. LOTS of quitters, about as bad as it was in ghosts which is why I think it should be separate like it was on BO2. If you want to get into it I am starting to play it now that I'm max prestige. Hit me up! H3llboundH3ro v

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